Posted by : Himanshu Dureja

A brand new Facebook scam that looks like a video and a user receives this as a message on Facebook , I got this scam from a couple of my friends in my inbox many times today.

The scam comes with the title "98 Percent of People Cant Watch This Video for more than 15 seconds " along with a thumbnail that looks like a video.
Alternate Spam message :  97 Percent of People Cant Watch This Video.....

Actually , this video looking message that you got is a Link that redirects you to another page. By doing so you will post this spam video like a link to your friend's inbox. Further if your friend clicks on this link thinking it to be a video, he will again share this spam link via a message with his/her friends.

So, never click on such links as these are spams. This spam has already become viral as a lot of people are sharing this without prior knowledge regarding spams and their dangers.
The web page after clicking on this spam link.
                                                     (Click on image to see enlarged view)

So I advise all the readers of this post. Don't click on this post and other similar scams. Share this post with your friends and beware them regarding the dangers of FACEBOOK scams.

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