5 Social Networking and bookmarking Websites to drive traffic to a website

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Getting Traffic to your Blog is the main aim of a blogger and a key factor in a blog's success. Bloggers always tries to drive more traffic in his blog and  putting some efforts will  definitely help a blogger to drive more traffic.
The traffic is of two types Organic and non-organic.By the first the user comes directly from the search engines like Google,Yahoo, Bing etc and the organic traffic is also referred to as natural traffic and other way of traffic to your blog is through  marketing, ad campaign etc.


In this post I am going to tell you the most important Social networking websites that a Blogger must use in order to drive traffic in his/her Blog.

1. Facebook : Facebook needs no introduction. It is the # 1 social networking websites. Facebook  has around 750 million active  users till now and a Blogger can effectively use it for driving traffic to his/her blog.
Simply make a Facebook page for the blog , put the like box on  your site/ blog and if you write good and useful , people will surely like your Facebook page. Keep posting on your page and give links of your Blog's posts.You will get visitors in minutes . Besides Facebook page , there is another option and that is Facebook Groups . Make a group on facebook , add friends in it , Share your links  and get visitors on your Blog.So if you are a blogger and wants to drive instant traffic,make a Fb page or Group  for your blog today .

2. Twitter : Twitter is the 2nd most important social networking website for driving traffic to your blog. Make a twitter account and if you write good ,people loves your posts then people will surely follow you on twitter in order to stay updated with your feeds.

                                                         ( Image by : hothardware.com )

3. Stubleupon :  StumbleUpon is a form of web search engine that finds and recommends web content to its users. Make a profile on it , people will follow you if they like your content. Thus attracting visitors to your content.

4. Digg. : Digg is a great way of driving traffic to your blog. More the number of diggs a post gets , it is featured as a top story and thus people visits directly to your Blog via Digg . But for getting more number of diggs, you need large number of Followers for which your blog content must be excellent so that it is worth following. (Digg is Discontinued)

5. Google + : It is recently launched by Google.Its popularity is increasing day by day. Sharing links on your Google + profile helps in attracting visitors on your blog.

Beside this there are number of other Social networking and  Social bookmarkings websites and tools  like Blogadda , Orkut , Linked-in , Myblog-log , Myspace, Ning , Hi-5 etc that can also be used for driving traffic to your blog.

Content is the King :

I have told you various social networking websites that a blogger must use for driving traffic in his blog. But the main key/ factor is the Content's  Quality .  If you post great content that people loves to see then all these ways i have told you will work effectively.

Watch this video that explains the Importance of Social networking and social bookmarking for getting traffic

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