[How to] Use Profile pic as Facebook chat Emoticon.

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This Christmas after Google's "Let it snow" trick , Facebook added a new innovative feature in the Facebook Chat service. Most of us uses Chat emoticons like :) , :-) , : D etc which appears as  :) :( :P :D.
Now , Facebook has come with new Chat emoticons that lets you use facebook profile pic as a chat emoticon.You can use profile pic of your buddy as well of any facebook page as emoticon. This emoticon works only in chat window , you cannot use it in status or comments.

How it Works :

This is very simple.You need to do couple of things in order to use Display pic as emoticon.
Firstly you need to Start a Chat .

1.  Go to your Friend's profile or any other Facebook page to grab his profile ID or username.Look at the Url at the top of your browser. Copy the profile ID or username like   www.facebook.com/Username

2. Secondly , You just need to paste the copied username or Profile ID in the chat window wihin square brackets [[ username ]] , Like if the profile ID is 100922727272. Paste this profile ID 100922727272 as [[100922727272]] .

                                      Type the profile ID or username within [[square brackets]]

                                            Press Enter key and it will appear as an emoticon.
Enjoy ! You are done.
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