How to Access Facebook on Mobile Without Internet

Facebook has  become a  part and parcel of our life . Most of us login at least once a day to Fb to update Status and see the news feeds from your buddies. Well you need a Gadget like Mobile , Pc , laptop to use Facebook and most importantly you need an Internet connection like broadband , 3G, Wifi connection ,Gprs or Edge (For mobiles ) etc.
Now suppose If you go to a remote place (like a village ), where there is no connectivity of Internet , then you will surely gonna miss Facebook access. Well there is a Good news for Facebook Fans,  From now onwards , you no more need a Data plan (Gprs or Edge) on your mobile phones to access facebook , Fonetwish , a Singapore firm has partnered with Facebook India to enable every Indian user to access Facebook on Mobile phones without data plans . Well this is an awesome feature if you are having a old age mobile phone like Nokia 1100 , 2310 , 3310 or old Motorola , this brand new service will help you to access Facebook anytime and  anywhere.

Technology upon which Facebook via Fonetwish works :

Fonetwish is a USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) based service which brings the power of Internet on Ordinary Mobile phones. USSD is GSM based service that enables sending text messages between a Mobile phone and an Application program in the  network. You can do may things  by this service like Updating your status , wall post , notifications , Friend requests. Beside this they also have push  notification  feature that automatically sends you notifications on your mobile sets.

How it works : 

1. Firstly you need a Mobile phone. As I have told you that this service works on every mobile phones ,No matter how much old technology it is based upon.

2. Go to your mobile screen and Dial  *325#  or *fbk# and Press the dial button  and get started.

3. Next you will receive instructions like entering your username and password ,press ok or send button and You will see a message "Welcome to facebook- along with various options like news feeds, Update status , Online friends ,Notifications ,Settings etc.) Numbers 1,2,3... is provided before every option , choose the option you want accordingly "

                        Watch this video that gives a Demo of accessing Facebook by Fonetwish

Service Charges and availability :

This service is available on most of the leading Mobile network operators in India like Airtel , Tata Docomo , Aircel , Idea , Videocon etc.
Charges of this service is Rs 1.00 for unlimited usage.

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