[How To] Easily write in Indian languages Online using Quillpad

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Now Easily Write or post in Hindi On Facebook !!!!

Now ,writing on your computer or mobile in Indian languages like Hindi , Punjabi , Marathi , Bengali , Gujarati , Tamil   is not more a complex task . As we all know India is a country which is very diverse in many aspects and numbers of languages are spoken and used in different states of India . Though there are lots of useful softwares available online for typing Indian languages but some of them have some limitations in their working.

Quillpad is one of the best site I have explored for typing in Indian languages.It is developed by an Indian developer and Quillpad can help you type in Kannada , Malyalam , Punjabi , Nepali and many more Indian languages.
                       (This is snapshot that I have captured while I was typing in Punjabi )

It is very simple to use . Just launch the editor , Choose the language you want to type , Type in English on the editor and it Converts instantly into other language. Also it gives various options(Predictions) below the typed english word so that you can select the one that is written right or perfect. Also you can save whatever you have written , and all the features like Cut , copy and share it, email the written content , Choose the B I U (Bold , Italic and Underline) , change the Font size , color etc. is there on the quillpad editor. You can learn the technical details of quillpad here.

So if you want to write in your mother language on Facebook , Send Sms to your buddies in hindi or many other language , Quillpad will do that for you without any charge because this Intelligent typing service is absolutely free.

Recently Quillpad launched Quillpad Touch App for I-pad(For I OS 5.0 or above)that can be bought for $1.99
Try typing now :

Website link: www.quillpad.in
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