Bsnl enters the tablet market : Android 2.3 Penta T Pad Review

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Bsnl which is one of  India's largest telecom provider has entered into the tablet market by launching 3 tablets which is manufactured by Pantel , a company located at Noida .
Aakash tablet , which was developed by Datawind had several limitations in it ,and  now Bsnl Pantel is ready to compete with them by launching three new tablets . The cheapest among them is Penta T pad which is priced at Rs 3250/ while other two versions are available at Rs 10,999/- and 13,500 respectively.
The tablets allows you to watch Youtube videos , Browse the web and do much more by android 2.3 Os , also you can play games ,  access office and one of the remarkable feature of it is  Ebook reader. 

Three tablets are:
  • Penta TPAD IS701R                                 
  • Penta TPAD WS704C
  • Penta TPAD WS804C
Configuration and features of Bsnl  Penta T Pad IS701R (MRP : Rs 3250/-)

1.  CPU : AMAP 210 with clock speed of 1Ghz.
2.  Operating system : Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
3.  Ram : 256 Mb DDR2
4.  WIFI : 802.11b/g/n (No gprs)
5.  7 inch Screen, Resistive touchscreen.
6.  Battery : 3000 mAh
7. Camera : Vga ,0.3 Mp
8.  Internal memory : 2 gb , Expandable upto 32 gb via micro SD
9. Supports Adobe flash player 10.3
10. Can play Video formats upto 720p resolution.
11. Supports number of Audio and video formats.

Costliest versions i.e.  Penta T-Pad WS 802C has 1.2 Ghz processor and 512 Mb DDR3 Ram and has inbuilt Global position System.
Also Both the versions has Capacitive touchscreens.

Bsnl tablet Penta T pad Vs Aakash tablet
Pros :   Bsnl Penta has Android 2.3 gingerbread Os
              Powerful processor as compared to aakash with clock speed Of 1 Gigahertz.
               Can play Hd videos of various formats.
              Front facing Vga camera which is not present in Aakash as well as Ubislate 7 +
              HDMI support can help you connect tablet with Lcd/Led TV . This feature is not in aakash.
Cons : No GPRS

Comparison of Penta T Pad with Aakash tablet and Ubislate 7 +

Onlne Booking of Bsnl tablet (Penta T pad) :
You can book Penta tablets online if you want to buy one. This tablet is recommended if you want to use wifi using it and if you wanna play HD videos in it.
What are your views on it ? Do comment!!! 
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