Google Doodle Celebrates Heinrich Rudolf Hertz's 155th birthday

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Well its 12:05 am right now , and I am amazed to see the amazing doodle by Google on Home page of Google.This is my 50th post of Techbuzztimes and this post is dedicated to Hertz !!!
Well , Hertz deserved to be honored as he had given a significant contribution towards various Physics particularly the electromagnetic theory of light.

Image screenshot : Google India

Google colored wave as Google doodle to honor Rudolf Hertz. 
The Doodle shows an colored electromagnetic light which is infinite continuously travelling across the screen from right to left.The colors of the wave is same as that of Google logo.This doodle does not form the word Google( letters ) like most doodles.

                                                                Heinrich Rudolf Hertz
Well if you are a science student you must  have heard about Rudolf Hertz. Also the Unit of frequency is Hz (or Hertz) after his contribution towards electromagnetic theory of light .
Frequency(Hz) = 1/time period (per second).

Being an electronics and communication engineering student , I use hertz many times while studying particularly while solving numericals problems.

Rudolf Hertz was a German scientist who died at an earlier age of 36 but he made a lot of contribution towards Physics and areas like radar , detection of radio waves , antennas.
Learn more about him at Heinrich Rudolf Hertz's Wikipedia

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