Nokia 808 Pureview Technology : 41 megapixel Camera , Symbian Belle OS

Nokia N8 , Your time is over : Now its time for 808 Pureview

Well , if you loves to watch things in full HD , there is a Good news for you. Nokia today announced their brand new mobile Nokia 808 Pureview at Mobile world congress 2012 held  in Barcelona (Spain). Well i was a bit surprised and Shocked when i came to know that Nokia 808 contains 41 Megapixel sensor that is capable of capturing  images and record videos upto 38 megapixel.

The camera is made using Carl Zeiss optics with Xenon flash and Uses Led flash . This is really an awesome gadget for  camera enthusiast and those who loves to capture their moments in HD.
Well striking feature of this gadget is its camera only ,Other configuration is similar to other smartphones.
The sensor is capable to capture from 3 MP to 38 MP with an aspect ratio of 16 :9

Pureview Technology used to create Hd image:  

According to nokia : "This phone has "OVER SAMPLING" technology in it that integrates seven pixels to one super pixel and thus creates full  Hd image."

Operating system :
Symbian Belle OS : Well I am a bit surprised over Symbian Os. Nokia could have used Windows Os in it like Lumia smartphones.

Features and specifications :
1. Single core 1.3 Ghz Cpu
2. 512 Mb Ram
3. 4 inch Display
4.  16 Gb internal memory  expandable using micro Sd
5.  5.1  Dolby digital sound technology.
6. 3.5mm Headphone jack , micro Usb and micro Hdmi ports at the top.
7. 360 X 640 Pixel screen.
8. Comes with various Symbian applications like Nokia maps , Youtube , Email and many more and ofcourse nokia store from where you can get endless list of apps.

Pricing : Don't know the exact cost,But this gadget will cost around 450 Euros and it is expected to start shipping from May , 2012 

Conclusion : Well conclusion is that this Symbian powered phone is a awesome gadget and it has given a new birth to Symbian mobile phones and probably a good competition  to android and windows smartphones too.Well now you don't need a separate camera for recording videos. Nokia 808 can record 1080 p HD video recording for you.


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