Play Angry Birds on Facebook with Power Ups

Angry birds Hits Facebook
The Popular game Angry Birds is now available on Facebook. The Game was launched on 13th February i.e. a day before Valentine Day. An App. Developed by Rovio , Angry bird is a popular game which is played by people of all ages around the world. You must have played angry birds on your desktops and Smartphones , Various apps are available for this games , now you can enjoy Angry birds on facebook . Just after hitting the facebook , Angry birds has more than 15 million monthly users and it is increasing rapidly. Angry Birds popularity can be noticed from the huge number of likes on its official page that has more than 16 million likes till now. For playing Angry birds , your desktop or mac must have flash played installed on it(Preferably adobe flash player 11). the game has several 3D Graphics in it that is worth noticing.

The game has 3 levels : Poached eggs , Surf and Turf and Mighty box. Playing Game is absolutely free but there is an option of Power Ups that helps in clearing games levels more quickly. Also The facebook version of Angry birds is Multiplayer , you can invite your friends and compete and challenge with each other in scores of clearing a particular level.
Four Power ups in Facebook's Angry Birds can be accessed at the left top corner of the game. The power ups are limited and just like most of the facebook games you need Fb credits to buy more.

Power Ups :
1. Super sizing bird : This power up increase the bird's size thereby causing more destruction and  hence you can clear a level fast by using it.
2. Sling Scope : This allows you to set the path of trajectory before launching it.
3. Birdquake : By using this power up , there occurs an earthquake that shakes the ground and thus creates  destruction.
4.King Sling :It helps in increasing the launching speed of birds.

                             Check this video that shows the Facebook version of angry birds

So What are you waiting for , Play Angry birds on Facebook now.
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