Progressive Scan Definition : Interlaced vs Progressive Scan

Firstly is you have no idea about this term. , it is simply related to moving images and videos.There are two ways of scanning an moving image :

1. Interlaced Scan
2. Progressive Scan
The former one is an old technology and it is commonly used in analog televisions CRT 's.
The term Progressive scanning ,the newer technology  is a way of displaying , storing or transmitting moving images. The video signals are generated using horizontal lines. In  the progressive scan all the lines of each frame are drawn in sequence. i.e. The entire single frame image is painted every 1/60th of a second. and it sends twice the data as compared to the interlaced scan.
Progressive scan is used for scanning and storing  images-based ( in motion ) material on DVDs.

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Nowadays most of the HDTV's used Progressive scanning technology.Progressive scan images results in more sharper and detailed images in the video.For viewing interlaced video on progressive scan devices or Tv sets , deinterlacing is done for it.
Progressive scan video has a refresh rate of 30 Hz while the interlaced has 60 Hz.

When you see video formats described as 480p or 720p the number indicates the horizontal lines and p indicates a Progressive scan format video.


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