Top 4 Mobile Internet browsers For Java ,Symbian ,Android, Windows mobile , I phone

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Well there are many mobile browsers available for various mobile operating system , In this post I am going to tell you the most popular and best mobile internet browsers according to your mobile Platform .

1. Opera mini :  It is the most famous mobile browsers that works on every mobile phone ranging from Nokia 3110 to your Galaxy smartphone.Opera mini is available for more than 3000 devices. Opera mini helps you save data charges by its page compression technology and thereby giving you faster web experience. In Opera mini you can set speed-dials and bookmarks on the browser's homepage for faster access to websites. Another significant feature of Opera mini is its webpage save option. You can save as many pages you want and can open them later anytime. However the downloading by Opera mini is not that much great , though it has improved from its previous versions.

Operating systems : Java , Symbian , Android , Blackberry , I-phone, Palm OS

Download Link : You can Download Opera mini by visiting from your mobile handsets .

2. Opera Mobile : This is another good browser from Opera softwares that can be used for browsing internet using mobile phones. Like Opera mini , you can set your speed dials and pin bookmarks on the homepage.
Thus Opera Mobile provides you premium browsing experience  but make sure that use opera monile , only if you are browsing internet through wi-fi or good speed connection as it loads pages even above 1 Mb that is big enough for mobile phones . Recommended if you are using Smartphones on wifi connection.

Operating System : Symbian , Android , Windows mobile.
Download Link : You can Download Opera mobile by visiting from your mobile handsets .

3. UC browser :  It is commonly known as "UCWEB" and it is very much fast by its super page compression technology  and it is giving tough competition to opera browsers. Recently UC 8.0 version was launched for android and its users are increasing day by day . Also ucweb works on most of the mobile sets . Also you can set "My shortcuts" in UC to bookmark websites that you visits often.
Best feature : Uc Browser File Download Manager with resume capability.
Operating System : Java , symbian , Android ,Blackberry , I phone , Palm OS , Windows Mobile
Downlaod link : Uc web

4. Skyfire : Skyfire mobile browser is exclusively made for Smartphones and provides rich browsing experience. It supports Adobe flash player , so you can stream videos using Skyfire mobile browser. Also it compresses pages to save your money for the data charges.It is worth using and have many interesting features like facebook and twitter quickview , popular pages . It has discontinued its service for symbian operating systems and currently available for android , i-phone and i-pads .

Operating System : Android , I phone , I-pad
Download link : Skyfire Download

So Choose browser according to your needs and operating system and do let us know  : Which mobile browser you used and using it on which mobile device ? Waiting for comments !

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