Top Low Budget WiFi Mobile Phones Worth Buying

 Top 5 Cheap WiFi Mobiles in India
Mobile internet users are increasing day by day due to availability of  Smartphones and Cheap Internet connection. Also Wifi internet are becoming very common now a days , most of the schools ,colleges and other institutions are equipped with WiFi connection. As for using 3G on mobile phones will prove costly due to high cost of 3G data plans , accessing internet via Wifi is a good option and for that you need a WiFi mobile phone So ,various mobile companies are launching more and more mobiles with WiFi in it ,Though their price ranges from low budget to High budgeted phones of several thousands bucks. In this post we will explore Top Cheap wifi mobile phones in India. 

1. Micromax Q-7 : It is a stylish qwerty phone with  trackball for navigation  and it is one of the cheapest wifi mobile phone available in the market. Additional advantage of this phone is its Dual Sim functionality.Also it has 2 MP camera and internal memory of 78 Mb which can be expanded to 4 Gb.
Price  : Between Rs 2200 -Rs 3000 /-

2. Lava B-8 : Lava B8 is also Dual Sim qwerty mobile and it comes with 3.2 Mp camera , 16 Gb external memory , Java support and comes with battery of 1400 mAh which has decent battery backup. It has lot of another good features that are worth exploring.

Price : Around Rs : 3500 /-

3. Spice Qt 68 : It is a light weight qwerty phone with Track pad and comes with 3.2 mega pixel camera. It has 320 x 240 pixels display resolution . Also it has Fm radio with Fm recording and 3.5 mm jack for a/v connector. Battery : Li- 1000 mAh

Price : Around Rs 3700 /-

4. Spice MI 280 : The best feature of this mobile phone is that it comes with Android Operating system. It is full touch screen phone and it has both front and rear camera of 3.2 Mp.It has 650 Mhz processor ,256 Mb Ram ,Bluetooth and also  3G in it. Also adding to all the above features this phone supports dual Sim.
Battery : Li ion with capacity of 1000 mAh.

Price : Spice Mi 280 will cost you around Rs 5100 - 5300 /-

5. Samsung Chat 527 S 5270 : Well Samsung phones are in great demand in market now a days specially the Galaxy Smartphone series and this phone is a must buy if you don't wanna compromise with company standard. Samsung is a reputed mobile brand .Well coming over the features of this phone. This phone comes with 2 Mp camera with decent image clearity and memory is expandable to 16 Gb. It has Qwerty keypad with Track pad and It has 3G and Gps feature in it.

Price : Price of Samsung Chat Wifi is around  Rs : 5600 /-

I hope you liked these phones , Leave a comment and tell us which phone you will buy out of these and why?
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