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Angry birds reaches Space!

By now , is there anyone who is not aware of Angry birds? I don't think so !  In my last post , i have posted about the angry birds game on Facebook with amazing power ups .Angry birds Space , a whole new version of popular + addicting game was launched few days ago. Its popularity can be noticed from the huge number of downloads in just a week . Angry birds space is one of the most unique and amazing version of this game.
This sequel of angry birds takes into account zero Gravity and Fundamental physics and this sequel feels refreshing and it is very much innovative as a lot of new ideas , imaginations are used in it that what makes it unique and worth playing.

Angry birds space screenshot

The game begins with a 2 minute animated films showing birds entering space and they are turned into Sci-fi Superheroes. Also each sets of levels have there own unique theme and graphics , giving players feel about "Space" and Sci-fi adventure.
Several stages of angry birds space are in Zero gravity environment , yes gravity is eliminated , that makes it more interesting game. Many of the planets , moons , galaxies and other space things and new obstacles and puzzles are waiting for you .The pull of the planets makes the bird follow a circular or random path. The playing basics remains the same , you need to fire your birds and kill the evil pigs and destruct as much as you can , also all the older  birds , the red one that acts as missile ,small blue birds , black - the bombers , green ones are there in it. A major new change is the introduction of a new bird "Ice bird" that helps to freeze part of a structure and thus more easy to destroy.

Start playing Angry birds space now on your device!
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Features in nutshell !

1. New themes for each level.
2. Birds with more and improved powers.
3. Introduction of Ice bird.
4.Hidden bonus levels.
5.Zero gravity , planet pulls and more puzzles.
6.Some levels are difficult.

Download now and start playing it and Get on the Angry birds fever!
Don't forget to comment about what you feel about the latest version of Angry birds!


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