IPad 3 (Ipad HD) Expected features + Rumors : A Review

Good news for Apple fans ,Wait for new tablet is just about to over , finally a brand new tablet 'I pad 3' will be launched soon . Apple finally sent out invitations for the Ipad 3 announcement. The event will take place at San Francisco , USA on 7th march 2012. Apple inc has been ruling the tablet markets and in order to retain their number one position and to serve apple users the best , Apple is ready to launch Ipad 3(Ipad Hd) packed with new , improved and awesome features.
In this post I am going to tell you whats new is probably expected  in I Pad 3 and how it is different from earlier tablets.

Apple IPad 3 invitation included an image that shows  a man using Ipad and has a single line "We have something you really have to see and touch". This single line is very much significant and it is an indication that Ipad 3 will surely going to be awesome.

What's expected in Ipad 3:

1. Faster CPU : Initial rumors indicated that Apple IPad 3 will be powered by quad Core processor but later reports indicated that ipad 3 will have advanced version of A5.
2.Retina display : It was expected and predicted for Ipad 2 to have retina display but it was not in ipad 2. Also Iphones 4 and Iphone 4s have retina displays and it is very much expected that ipad 3 will also have Retina display.Also apple gonna double the screen resolution.Resolution of 2048x1536 with aspect ratio of 4:3 is expected in IPad 3 , Get ready for full Hd with such high resolution.
3.New iOS 5.1:It is expected that with a new gadget , apple will launch a new Operating system iOS 5.1 or its beta version.
4. Better and more advanced Camera : It is expected that Ipad 3 will be having much better camera as compared to IPad 2. Camera of 8 Mp is expected and probably built by Sony.
5.Siri : Siri which is introduced  in Iphone 4S is expected to be in Ipad3. Well in case you dont know what Siri actually is? Siri is a voice activated app that helps users to take actions using voice commands.
 6.IPad 3 will have 4G :Well with all great features embedded in IPad 3 , 4g is expected for sure in it. 4g technology are already coming in various phones and using this on tablets makes more sense than phones.
7.More thickness : Ipad 3 will be more thicker.As compared to 86.9mm thickness of ipad 2 , it will be 95 mm thicker while , on the other hand  Some rumors said that they will be thinner and light weight.
8.Bluetooth 4.0 : Since apple gave Bluetooth 4.0 to Iphone 4S , it is expected that Ipad 3 will also implement bluetooth 4.0 technology.
9. Ultimate multitouch , multitasking , app switching function and Cloud computing feature is also expected.
10. Finally Price : With all these upgraded features Ipad 3 is estimated to be cost more as compared to Ipad 2. Atleast an increase of $ 50 is expected.
Price expected : Atmost : $ 800 and Rs 36000 in India.
11. 1 Gb Ram is expected in Ipad 3.
                                   Video : Top 5 features expected in Ipad 3 By Cnet

Well some of the features mentioned below are confirmed and some of them might not be present in the IPad because the features are not  officially  confirmed.
We need to wait till 7th march , when it will be official announced , Subscribe to our feeds to stay updated regarding latest gadgets news and reviews. We will soon review Ipad 3 specifications and featues  when it will be officially launched.

Conclusion :Well this thing is for sure that Ipad 3 will run on a faster processor and more better battery life . Also apple will improve wireless connectivity by implementing bluetooth 4.0 and 4G.Also Ipad 3 is also expected to give high resolution (Hd) experience with improved system memory (Ram).And the best improvement expected is the camera quality., straight from 0.7 mp of ipad 2 to 8 megapixel in Ipad 3.

Update :  Next IPad from Apple will be called " IPAD HD " , not Ipad 3 !!


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