Motorola Defy Mini Review : Features , Specifications , Price

You must be aware of strength and Long life of various Nokia's Classic Phone models like Nokia 1100 , 1600 , 2310 and many more. My first phone was Nokia 1600 which fallen hundreds times and was subjected to many tortures (Lol) :P, well good thing is It is still alive and working fine .A new Mobile Phone , more tougher than you expect hits the market. Yes it is more Tougher , Life proof and it lives Longer. Throw it , scratch it or even put it in water , subject it to any worst torture it will still be the Same. We are talking about Motorola Defy Mini.

Key Features :
1.  Whether it is at sandy beach , pocket full of coins or water at swimming pool Motorola Defy is ready for whatever life throws your way.
2.  Gorilla Glass screen : It prevents any scratch , it is water resistant and  dust proof. Thus it can face any trouble that falls over it.
3.  Battery capacity : This powerful phones have battery with Capacity of  1650 mAh which is pretty good.
4.  Both primary and Secondary cameras are present.
5.  Powered By Android 2.3 Gingerbread
6.  Colours available : Black Slate and Black tangerine

Specifications :
1.Display and Design : 3.2 inch touchscreen Display (TFT) with resolution of 480 x 320 and 262K colours.
The phone weighs 107 grams.
2. Operating System : Motorola Defy runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and got its processor has clock speed of 600 Mhz which is a bit lower.
3. Camera : 3 megapixel camera with Digital zoom and LED flash.Also secondary camera (Vga )that can work as webcam is present in it.
4.Connectivity :
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 
Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP
USB 2.0 
3.5 mm jack as a/v connector
5.Supports Voice Commands(Uk only)
6. Other features include Music player , Radio  , Video recording , ringtones., Calculator ,calender and Clock and preloaded email ,games and Social networking apps.
7. It has GPS feature that will keep you pointed in right direction.

Price : Expected Price : $ 280 in US and around Rs14000 in India

Pros :
1. Since Motorola  Android 2.3Phone , Unlimited mobile apps are available for download .
2.Battery life is decent : If you use Wifi , the battery is consumed at a faster rate , defy has battery Capacity of 1650 mAh which is good.
3.The best thing of phone : Its toughness and strength.
4.Both front and rear camera.

Cons :
1. The processor clock speed is just 600 Mhz . It should have been higher upto 1 Ghz.
2. 3 Megapixel Camera : If you love to capture things in HD , 3 mp camera might not be sufficient for you.

Review : This phone is recommended for you if your life is full of adventures or if your phone falls too much , Motorola Defy mini will still remain the same , no matter how many times you fall or  scratch it .
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