The New Ipad launched : Its Amazing , Retina display , 4G LTE

Good news for Apple fans : Here Comes the New I pad 

" Its not Ipad 3 , not even Ipad Hd It is The new IPad "

Event Summary :
Apple inc. today launched brand new tablet at an event organized at San Francisco, US. The event started by Apple CEO Tim Cook who highlighted the achievements of apple over the past  year. Well i was not able to watch the live stream :( of the event , but thanks to who gave live event coverage using the commentary and screenshots of the event. Tim said that Ipad ,Ipod and Iphone are the revolutionary devices created by them and all of them defined a new category.Also Apple is earning 76 % of total revenue by these 3 devices : Ipad ,Iphones and Ipods.Then tim talked about the number of apple retail stores opened by them where apple lovers can learn more and discover these devices.Also he talked about the great Japanese technology "Siri" that was implemented in Iphone 4S for the first time and it has been also added to the new Ipad. Then he talked about one of the Important event happened : that is - "25 billions downloads from the Apple store ". He said "We couldn't have imagined such a huge number of Downloads."
25th billion downloaded app from Apple store was from China.

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Next he announced the Apple Tv 3rd gen, all new  Hdtv  that supports 1080P resolution.Apple Tv is worth exploring and it is priced at low cost of $99 and it will be available from next week.
Next came the wonder for which i was waiting eagerly : The grand I pad 3
Phil came to present the new ipad 3.Apple has taken the new Ipad to a whole new level. The new Ipad is completely amazing.
First feature he talked was Retina display , which was very much expected. Phil said Until you see it you can’t understand how amazing it is.”
Apple has focused a lot on the display resolution and the device is made to give the highest possible resolution available in the tablets.

We have already posted about the expected features in new Ipad and the new ipad have most of them. The features of new IPad is continued in next post.

The New IPAD features !!!! 

(Ipad 2 will be still available , however now its priced has been dropped to $399 only)

Price: Starts from $499 and prebooking starts today only.
$499, $599, and $699 for 16, 32, and 64GB. 629, 729, and 829 with 4G
Special thanks to for live event coverage.


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