Online Instagram Effects : Free Websites and Apps

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Instagram which is popular iPhone app. for  Photo sharing and  also you can apply image filters to your Picture.Instagram has a very unique way of filtering the images that makes it distinguished and best Photo sharing app. Now you can apply various digital filters to modify your image and give them Instagram filter's looks easily , we have found some useful websites online , that can help you apply Instagram effects Online , Lets explore them.

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All you need is , Upload your pic , Apply the various Filters and effects and that's it !! and the best thing is they all are free and there is no need of any sign-up required.

1. : Picfull is an online image editing website that can help you create Instagram effects with a few clicks. Just upload the image and apply filters , do some adjustments and experiments accordingly  and  and you are done.
 Once you are done with applying filter and modifying you pic , you can save it and also share that to twitter /facebook with your friends.

2. :

 It is another website that can help you getting your image modified using filters Instagram way. Instagram has more options like darkening edges , lightening centre, adjusting curves ,Screen layer and Desaturation.

Editing images and process is simple like Picfull and Instant retro also allows you to share modified image with your friends via Twitter and facebook.

3. : Rollip has 40 filters , which you can apply to get  Instagram effects on your images.Some of the popular filters are retro or vintage , styled lens effect and many more. The images after filtering results in very good and great effects are added to them .Like the above two websites , Rollip is also absolutely free.

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4. Fotor :

Fotor is another great website to edit and add awesome filters to a image and it offers iOS, android and Windows app as well.

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Edit : 1:

Here are some of the desktop apps to add instagram filters/effects without using instagram.
These apps are free to use and comes with pro versions as well.

* Batchphoto :

Available for both Mac and Windows O.S
Features 36 Filters
Free trail available, pro version will cost you $29.95

* Vintager:

It is another great software to apply retro/vintage effects to images.
Free to download and use.

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