Raging Thunder 2 HD | Play Multiplayer 3D Car Racing Game on Android and iPhone

Raging Thunder II ,  the next version of Raging Thunder by Polarbit games  is a 3D Racer Cross- Platform Multiplayer game with awesome Graphics and Controls  and this game runs on all HVGA and QVGA devices.  The Second part of Raging thunder with really awesome HD Graphics and it is very much enjoyable  that  one gets addicted to it. I downloaded this Game from Google Play store on my Samsung Galaxy Y  and it works fine on it.This game  has Cool Cars and awesome locations like Speedway , Aquatic tunnel , Temple , Frozen Lake , Great Wall , Dam , Arctic Refinery ,Volcano. Playing Raging Thunder on Android gave me feel like Playing NFS 2 on PC.

The games has several modes like Instant Play , Arcade , Career mode , single race. Playing game is very much simple , Use your mobile sensors to turn left or right , Collect blue and yellow Flags to get Nitro while the later one fetch Money that can be used to upgrade or buy Cars.
This Game has average rating of 4.4 by users on Android Play . Raging Thunder 2 is compatible with Version ( Android 1.5 or above ) .

Beside Android  , Raging thunder 2 is also available for iPhone and the good thing is that this Game is available free to download on Google Play Store.

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