Best Android Apps For Blogger

Best Android Apps For Blogger

Since, blogging is used for promotion you may use these apps and enhance your writing skill. People write blogs, where they mention interesting facts about an issue. It is not a direct marketing tool, but it encourages the reader to know more about the point discussed. Since, blogging is regularly used developers have introduced many app to help in this process. Android is the most popular technology of the time. Hence, developers are introducing many apps to work on this operating system. Bloggers who use android device can use these apps for better result.

Some popular blogging apps for the android devices are;

  • WordPress App
  • Blogger App
  • Google Analytic App
  • Evernote App
  • HootSuite App

WordPress App

This app works perfectly on the android operating system. You can download the app on your system. You can use this app to post content in the blog directly. This WordPress app can also be used for writing comments on the page. It has made blog management easy and simple. You can even check the number of visitors and monitor their feedback through this app.

Blogger App

This app is specially introduced by Google. It helps in mobile blogging. Download this app on your mobile phone. You can simply write content and post text on the blog by using this app. It makes the task simple and direct. You can even edit content on this app. You can also use content of other languages with the help of this app.

Google Analytic

Bloggers have to track their progress in the online platform. They have to monitor traffic movement on the page. This app allows you to check the visitor’s movement on the page. Thus, you get a clear picture about the popularity of the blog.

Evernote App

This is for all students who want to take note in the class. You can also use it in the meeting. Just use this android app and take down information. It helps in storing data. The app also helps in taking pictures and creates the daily work list. It even allows you to sync those content and images with other software and use it for various purposes.

HootSuite App

This is a new app for the android devices. You can use his app with social sites, like Facebook and Twitter. It helps you to schedule your tweets and plan out your post. Thus, with the help of Hootsuite you can remain connect with your group. This is a free app.

You can download these apps from the store and use it on your mobile phone or tablet. Some apps are free. But some has to be purchased. You can use these mobile apps to improve your blogging skill.


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