Windows 8 - New features

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So much awaited Windows 8 was launched finally by Microsoft yesterday. Microsoft rolled out many new features in Windows 8. Well some features are good and some are bad if you are used to work on earlier versions of Windows like 7 or XP.  If a user working on Xp upgrade to Win 8 , he would feel drastic Change while the one working on Win 7 would find 5-8 notable features in Windows 8. Well there are many new Changes / features added to the Latest Windows 8 : these are summarized as :

  • New Home screen with Tiles instead of icons
  • Start Button ditched 
  • All new Modern User Interface
  • Windows Store introduced similar to Apple Store and Google Play
  • Tablet Support
  • New Lock Screen
  • Internet Explorer 10

Home Screen : 

Well windows 8 is the all new refreshed Desktop . The Desktop does not have icons on it for  accessing programs , instead it has tiles on it for Opening a program , similar to the one in Windows mobile 7 . Depending on the resolution of your computer , you can place 20 -25 tiles on the desktop screen for accessing your program.

No Start Button  :

Well it was told by Microsoft earlier that the Start Button would be missing in the New Windows 8. We earlier Posted about the Same  and the  new Metro style start screen is implemented.

  Modern User Interface :

Windows 8 have modern User interface like the one in Windows phone 7 .  Big  rectangular Tiles instead of icons , No start button . Modern UI is also referred to as Metro Style apps. I read somewhere that this Modern User interface is renamed as Windows 8 interface by microsoft and Metro apps as Windows 8 applications.

Windows Store : 

Similar to Apple Store and Google play Store , Windows have new Official Windows Store for distribution and Purchase of Windows 8 applications . Also developers can offer their apps as free or  sell them  Thus a brand new feature added to WIN 8.

Tablet Support :  

Well Windows 8 is the first ever windows to support certain types of tablets. Also an alternate version of OS named Windows RT will be compatible for Tablets. Thus Windows 8 will bridge gap between Mobile , Tablets and Desktops.

New Lock Screen : 

 A new , cool lock screen is added to Windows 8 like most of tablets and iPads it will display Time , Battery status , Connectivity Status , emails , facebook and Twitter updates.

Internet Explorer 10 :

Successor to Internet explorer 9 : IE 10 is the latest Internet browser by Microsoft

Features : 

  1. Better Support for CSS3 , HTML 5 
  2. Optimized for Use on Touchscreens
  3. Adobe Flash Integration 
  4. Flip Ahead feature added similar to fast forward feature of Opera browsers.


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