How to Capture Screenshots in Samsung Galaxy Y

How to screenshot in galaxy young without any app: A tutorial
Well i required my Galaxy y screenshots for a blog tutorial post. Well this made me Google the same and Taking a screenshot is very much simple in Samsung Galaxy Y. This Post will show how to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy Y.

How to Take Screenshots:

Press the Home button first and immediately Press the Power button on the side bar and release the both buttons . If you succed , you will see a  message saying : Screen Captured . Saved as image File. Well if you did it incorrect , you will see the Task manager window will open as shown in the screenshot below. I hope your combination is successful , if not: try it again you will surely succeed in Capturing.

Take a look at the Screenshots i captured on my Samsung Galaxy Y

Also , all the screenshot that you captures , get saved in a particular folder named as ScreenCapture, that can be accessed in Gallery.

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