Top 5 Free Antivirus Softwares 2013

Choose the Best Antivirus Software and Protect your Computer from threats
Do you think you can heal a disease without medicines and proper diagnostics, Well No is the Answer to it. Similarly do you think your Computer will be Safe without an Antivirus?
 An Antivirus is your Computer Life saver. It keeps your system clean by detecting and removing all unnecessary Viruses , malwares that can reach your PC mainly via 2 sources : a) Via Internet b) Data/File Transfer Through Pen Drives , CD’s , Bluetooth .  If you often use Internet , a Good Antivirus is the First Software that must be installed on your PC . Visiting Spammy , Illegal  and Torrentz websites can bring the virus to machines resulting in slow down in processing of Computer, too much hanging while working , CPU and RAM usage increases too much.
A large number of Antivirus are available online both for MAC O.S X as well as Microsoft to save you from the threats. Most of the Antivirus are Paid  that means you have to purchase them in order to secure your PC.  Don’t want to spend bucks on Antivirus , here are some of the free Antivirus programs available online to get rid of Malwares and Viruses.  I am Listing Top 5 Antivirus Freeware  Softwares  , I hope you will enjoy this article.

1. AVG :
avg Interface

I am using AVG antivirus since I am using PC and it deserves to be at the First Place. The main advantage of AVG is that it is very much light antivirus and helps in detection and removal of most of the threats. AVG was founded in 1991 for the purpose of saving people’s PC from viruses and they offer many products as well as both free as well as premium version of Avg antivirus is available. I have also used AVG for Android mobile Phones to get rid of virus from mobile.

2. Microsoft Security Essentials:
MSE Interface

Microsoft, the Windows O.S. developer also provides Free Antivirus to protect your Windows PC. It is another good option if you are looking for free anti-virus , it is also small , User friendly interface , does not effects system’s  performance and automatically updates itself to keep your system protected. P.S. : I have used MSE earlier and it worked absolutely fine .
# It is worth Trying and Recommended 

3. Avast

Well Avast claims to protect  170368,681 active devices, that’s a huge number.  Avast have three main Antivirus softwares i.e.  Avast  Free Antivirus , Pro Antivirus and Internet Security. It is available for Windows , MAC and android O.S. too I have tried Avast antivirus and it did best to detect and remove most of the threats.  It won’t slow down your PC , so if you are looking for a free Anti-virus  Software you can also go for  Avast Free  and be secure.


I haven’t tried Avira personally but one of my friend uses Avira and gave a Positive feedback about the same.  It is another light one , completes scan in minutes  and detects and kill threats. One interesting thing I came to know about Avira is that it is capable of killing regsvr.exe  virus which can’t be healed by Windows Essentials .  So AVIRA is another reliable Free Antivirus  solution  to get rid of Viruses , Trojans , hoaxes , worms etc.

5. Bitdefender Free Edition:  

Bitdefender also offers Free version apart from premium one to personal users and it is available for Windows , MAC and mobile phones. It works like most of the above softwares  , scanning the viruses, removing  them  , scheduled  and immediate scanning  options are available in it. I have tried free version of Bitdefender and works perfect to heal the threats , that why included it in the Lists.

I hope you liked the Post. Which one among these you liked the most?Share your views.

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