Slow Internet Speed? Try Mobile Versions of Famous websites on PC

If you are on a slow Internet speed connection or using Internet via 2G and Getting less than 100 kbps bandwidth then you will not be able to surf internet because 100 kbps is not sufficient to open all the flash based and heavy websites. Don't worry there is alternative available that can help you utilize that low bandwidth in best possible way. Most of the famous websites and blogs offers mobile versions of their websites that works smoothly even on low bandwidth.

In this Post i am going to list some of the famous information rich websites that works well even on Low Bandwidth.

Open Mobile Versions of Famous Websites on PC

Popular Websites:
1. Wikipedia:

Wikipedia loads very much fast on low bandwidth because most of the content on wikipedia is text and  a few pics.
You can access mobile version of wikipedia from here enjoy and search and gain your knowledge.

2. Youtube:

You can also enjoy videos of Youtube even on Low bandwidth. All you need is to go to mobile version and open the video you want to watch, if the video streaming is not working,then right click on Watch video and copy link and use VLC player to stream Videos.

3. Gmail:
Famous ads supported free email service by Google also have mobile website that is

4. Facebook:

The number 1 social networking website also have mobile website that opens similar to Facebook app for Android and iOS and works fine at low bandwidths.

5. Twitter

Another Famous social networking websites Twitter can also be accessed on low bandwidths using mobile version of twitter.

6. Yahoo :

Yahoo is a famous Search engine and the homepage of yahoo features latest news, Cricket Scores , Business Stats like Sensex, temperature of your City and other news of different category like entertainment , sports , World news , Finance etc.

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7. Economic Times:

Want to keep yourself updated with latest Finance , Politics , Business and other Info, Economic Times offers mobile website to kill your boredom and surf Internet at low speed.

8.Espncricinfo :

Get updated with Live Cricket scores, Full Scorecard and other Cricket news using Mobile version of EspnCricinfo.

9. The Times of India:

Get yourself updated with Latest stories across the Globe using Times of India mobile version website.The site loads extremely fast and if you from India , you can utilize your time browsing news on slow net connection. I hope you will like it for sure.

10. BBC news:
BBC also offers low bandwidth mobile version website that can also be opened on PC.

11. Flickr:
Flickr is a popular Photo Sharing website. They also offers mobile based website that can be used on PC too. So if you are on a low B/W connection., you can easily use Flickr. 

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