Sony Xperia Tipo v/s Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos

Sony Xperia Tipo v/s Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos | Comparison

There are number of Smartphone brands present in the market among them a few are known for their quality handheld devices. Among these brands the brand houses Sony and Samsung are the most popular and their products are under continuous competition. In this article a discussion is provided on each product from both the brands and will provide a ground for the readers to decide. Here a discussion is provided on the Sony Xperia Tipo Smartphone and Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos.
About the Sony Xperia Tipo

The Sony Xperia Tipo from the brand Sony’s Xperia series is typically an android Smartphone. The phone has Android Ice Cream Sandwich v4.0 Operating System powered by an 800 megahertz scorpion QUALCOMM processor. With a RAM of 512, this phone offers its users multitasking without interruption and lag. Further the phone has TFT capacitive 3.2 inches Touchscreen, which supports an HVGA screen resolution of 320X480 pixels. The Smartphone has 3.2 megapixel prime camera offers good quality photo capturing and records video as well. Along with this the camera has further internal features through which you can send the captured photos to your mail or upload the videos on the web. Further, the camera sports geo-tagging features in it. The phone has Wi-Fi connectivity and the storage capacity is expendable up to 32 gigabytes.

About the Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos

The phone does have a competition, which is in regards to the features is no less than Sony Xperia Tipo. From the house of Samsung comes the Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos Smartphone. Characteristically this is also an android Smartphone, which runs on an android gingerbread v2.3 platform powered by an 832 megahertz processor, along with a 512 megabyte RAM to ensure that you enjoy your multi tasking activities without interruptions and lag. The phone has a capacitive 3.5 inches Touchscreen renders an HVGA screen resolution up to 320X480 pixels. The phone has Samsung’s very own UI present in it. One of the decisive spec of this phone is its high end 5 megapixels prime camera. The camera does not only support video recording feature but also has some of the handy features like Auto-focus, image editor and geo-tagging. This the decisive feature that leads the phone in the completion with Sony Xperia Tipo, which has a primary camera of 3.2 pixels. Lastly, the Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos has Wi-Fi connectivity and the storage capacity is also similar to Sony Xperia Tipo.


Both these devices are totally worth your money. Yet, the Sony Xperia Tipo provides more in terms of performance as it comes with a later version of the Android OS, viz, Ice Cream Sandwich. For all its amazing qualities, Samsung’s Galaxy Ace Duos does not provide the smooth user interface that the Xperia Tipo brings to the table. Having said that, the Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos has sold more devices worldwide, possibly owing to a higher user satisfaction rate, and can still counted on as an amazing budget smartphone buy.