How To Make Money from a Blog with zero investment

My Blogging Journey till now:
I have been blogging since 2 years and it is my hobby as well as way to generate some revenue / money out of it. I entered the Blogging world in 2011 when i was done with my 4th semester exams and holidays were going on . Being an Internet buff , i came across blogging and i found it a great way to express my thoughts , feelings and Share other Stuff with the world.So , i started a personal blog in which i started Posting random stuff, it was nice to see my posts ranking good on Google and people visiting my blog. I did several mistakes in my First ever blog and finally i had to pay the price of those mistakes and my blog got penalized by Google because of Poor Content , Copy-Paste materials and many other mistakes. 

In case you are newbie and never heard about blog/blogging and want to know , how to create one visit this post that will guide you to start up a blogspot blog.

Next , I started another blog , this one only in which you are reading this Post right now "Techbuzz Times" and many things were learnt by me till now like No copy-Paste material , Try to Post Unique and Useful things , Stick to one niche/field of writing rather than writing random Posts on one blog and one more thing that Google loves is : Rich content. In my earlier blog the word length of the Post was very less , many of the Posts were of less than 200 words, that triggers penalty via Google Panda and  Penguin updates. So producing rich content in terms of word length was also learnt by me. I applied all these things to new blog and the results were good in terms of Organic traffic via Google.

In the following para , i will tell about the way to earn out of blog but before that let me tell you that these days many people are making Blogging as Full time Job and making five to six figure income via Blogging.

How you can earn out of blog:

Blogging : Best way to make money Online

In the above paragraph i talked about my blogging journey till now and in this section i'll tell you how you can earn out of blog. After creating/ setting up a blog , next objective of a blogger is to drive maximum traffic to his/her blog. Driving traffic is a major task and a webmaster/blogger must have decent  traffic to monetize his/her blog.
Beside getting traffic from Google , yahoo and other search engines , a blogger must use Social Networking  and bookmarking websites  to drive traffic.
When you have Traffic , you will earn money.
Now, its the time to choose a Program that will help you earn out of your blog. A blogger can earn out using Advertisements and Affiliate marketing from his blog. In advertisements , ad units are displayed on blog and for every click on ad , you will earn. In affiliate marketing , you need to use affiliate links by which if any visitors purchases an item , you will earn some amount of commission  for every purchase via your affiliate links.
Choosing Advertisement Program for your Blog:

As i have told you there are number of ad program available like Google Adsense , Chitika , Infolinks , adbrite , , Buy sell ads , Kontera , Yahoo-bing ads etc.

Google Adsense is so far the best and highest paying program till now but the sad thing is that it is too difficult to get Adsense these days due to invalid click spam mainly in Asian countries like India , Pakistan and many other. It took me 1 year for getting Adsense ads and after more than 15 attempts my application was approved. 
But you don't need to worry if you are not able to get Google adsense , there are many other alternatives available that can be used to monetize your blog. If you have decent traffic, you can earn using Chitika or Infolinks ads, I am naming these two because i used them before i got Google adsense and using them till now:)
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Chitika and Infolinks Payment Proof
So , what are you waiting for , start a blospot blog ( I recommend blogspot blog because it requires zero investment ) and enjoy blogging !!
I would recommend all the School/College/ University going students to have a blog and write/blog about  their interest. Here are the Five reasons : Why one should blog ? Read this Post , i hope you will like it for sure.

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