Top 4 smartphones of 2013

There is a whole variety of smart phones to choose from, especially now that we are 2013. The key to choosing the best phone is to know what kind of a phone you really want/need. Of course there are basically all the same devices, but not completely. Random gimmicks and human... inventiveness have produced a whole assortment of essentially the same phones that you can choose, use and naturally discard once the 2014 phones come out. I won't go over much details in regards to the specs. Yes they are all HD, and yes they all have awesome cameras – this is beyond old news. This is caveman news. So I am just going to go over some phones and their respective flaws and I hope that some day soon a “real” smart phone innovation will come our way. But until then why not spent some money frivolously on these fine devices:

Nokia Lumia 620

There is nothing special about this phone at all. Why it is in the top phone list? Well that has more to do with the price than anything else. Not all people can afford some of the more expensive Nokia phones (or they are too cheap to do so). Either way, Nokia had given this little number to the world which has all the essential features: a touchscreen, a camera and a Windows OS. But like I said, it is better to save your money for something good, rather than throwing it away on this particular phone – unless of course you can't afford it.


Even though there has been a lot of debating going around whether or not one should spend all that money for a device that is practically old news, we can safely say that HTC One is at least better than its predecessor, the HTC One X. This phone is more about gimmicks than anything else. Let's take the camera for example. It shoots sub-standard pictures compared to other smart phones in its class, but it is still considered good and you know why? Because it has 'cool' features, like plastering a cat's face instead of yours; making it black and white – you know, the same old gimmicks but revamped as to sell more units.

iPhone 5S 

Yes the new iPhone is out – don't gasp yourselves to death. Again Apple is trying to peddle their awesome “iphones” like they were hot bread. Of course most reviews on the internet will tell you how “awesome” this phone is, and how it has nothing to do with the 1000 phones Apple has released so far. The truth however is quite different. Yes, it is the exact same thing as the iPhone 5, with the added benefit of having to purchase it all over again. Oh yeah, the iPhone has 64-bit A7 chip now (the only thing that is missing now is a rocket and you can go straight to colonizing space with this far-end technology). But hold your applause until the end, for now our favorite $2000 toy comes with its very own fingerprint sensor – this means that you no longer have to remember 4 digits, how cool is that!

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is undoubtedly the king among smarphone devices! It is the best in all aspects – camera, battery life, performance, interface – the works! It doesn't matter how desperately other phone companies try to copy the Galaxy, the fact stands that if you want a good 'all around' smartphone, then the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the phone for you. I cannot wait until the new Galaxy 5 comes out – that is going to be the best smartphone ever!

AuthorBio: Jane Mires is currently looking for a new phone so she has done her research. Her job at  gives her the opportunity to work with high tech devices.