WhatsApp now available for Nokia Asha 501 via Software Update

Entry level Phone Nokia Asha 501 gets popular instant messaging App Whatsapp. As well, whatsapp will now come pre installed on Asha 500 , 502 and 503 Dual SIM phones. The most anticipated app will be available to download via Software update that will roll in the coming week.

The whatsapp version of nokia 501 is an optimized version that allows you to send Text messages over 2G or WiFi networks.Whenever a user gets message, it will be notified on a home screen called Fastlane in Asha devices.

optimized version of whatsapp for asha 501

The upcoming software update will also allow users to do VOIP that means Voice over internet protocol, making it possible to make voice calls easily over 2G or WiFi networks like in Wechat app. Another change is that now users can open camera of phone by  just swiping up the lock screen and capture the image easily by touching anywhere on the screen. For all these features Nokia Asha users need to Update their Software versions of Device. Keep visiting our blog to get latest info about the Gadgets and Tech. World. We will notify you whenever new updated will be rolled out. Like us on Facebook for more updates.

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  1. updated mine this morning
    i think the framerate scrolling on app drawer & fastlane getting smoother too :)


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