How to fix facebook video calling on windows 8.1

Facebook Video Chat icon not showing up in Chat window??

If you have Windows 8.1 PC or laptop and if you are not able to do Video chat on facebook, then you have landed on right page and i have the solution for you. hen you open chat window on Facebook and there is no  Video call icon over there.

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You need to do below steps :

1. Make sure Video calling Software is installed on your PC/Laptop. You can get the same by visiting  and click on Get started. Make sure the FacebookVideoCallSetup.exe   is installed on your system. 

2. Change the Compatibility setting by  right clicking on your Browser icon say Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and  go to Compatibility and  Choose Windows 7 under "Run this program in compatibility  mode for "

Close your browser and open it again , Now Video icon will show up on your browser.

After doing above two methods your Facebook chat will work fine on Windows 8.1 Laptop/PC. You can repeat this procedure for all browsers IE 11 , Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. 

Suggestion : Don't install any software from any third party website for Video calling software. Such software can be spam or malware.

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  1. Excellent! Actually, I also encountered this problem, I thought there's something wrong with my laptop camera. Just good to know about the site particular this post. I've now fixed the problem and it's totally works. I must share this helpful post at Thanks a lot!