Instagram launches new Snapchat style App : Bolt for Android and iOS - Tap to send pics and Videos

Facebook owned Instagram has reveled a brand new ' one tap messaging' app , BOLT that is similar to Snapchat for iOS and Android. The app lets a user send a pic or video to his/her friend and that particular message gets auto deleted once it has been read. It is similar to another famous photo and video chat app named Taptalk, Simply tap a friend's profile picture to send them pic/videos and you can view the image/video message just once.

Similar Apps :

Currently Bolt is available for selected countries users. If you are from New Zealand, Singapore or Africa, you can install this latest app on your android or iOS devices. The app will be available globally soon.

In this App, you can also annotate messages with text captions. You don't need to register or Sign-up using Facebook or Google for using this app, you can sign up using your Phone number.

For sending photos just tap your friend pic and for sending videos, you need to long press your friend's pic.

Another great feature in Bolt is Shake to undo feature that take backs or undo/retracts the sent message.

Download the latest development by instagram developers now :
Android users can install bolt using Google play

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