Android Lollipop 5.0.2 update for Moto G (1st and 2nd Gen) available in India. What's new in Lollipop

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Motorola rolled out most awaited Android Lollipop update for both Moto G 1st and 2nd Generation Smartphones.Even the 2013 Motorola 1st Gen. is getting Android 5.0 in India, its nice too see Moto G 1 users will be able to use latest Google's  O.S as well. Motorola updated via Google + Post and Tweeted about the same yesterday.The update is rolled out for US and India and will be soon available globally.

The latest lollipop updates has all new and quick Notifications, better touch screen interactions.

As soon as hearing about the latest O.S, update, I checked the same by browsing to Settings - > About Phone - > System updates and got the notification for the latest O.S as well.

So , to get latest Google O.S on my Moto G-2 , i happily checked Yes, I'm in and the latest O.S package started to download. The package size was of 377,4 MB and as soon as download was finished, i installed the same. After clicking the Install now. It will automatically reboot and Install the downloaded upgrades and packages.


After Updating to lollipop

Official Changelog :

1. New Colorful look and Feel to device.Some fluid animations, themes and colors are added to give refreshing looks.

2. Notifications user Interface and Priorities 

3. New Priority/ Interruptions and Downtime settings : You can prioritize interruptions, choosing which one to allow and block  unrequired ones. Downtime feature will only priority interruptions during the times and day specified by user.

4. All New Recent Tabs (Multitasking): All new interface of recent tabs will help to multitask better by quickly switching to other tabs.

5. Flashlight : Lollipop includes Torch option as a part of Quick Settings menu.

6. Share your device: You can now set up multiple user accounts on the phone. Guest mode is available as well, You can control the call and text privileges of other users.

7. Pin a App/View : Screen pinning helps to pin a particular app or view. For eg, if you pin a particular game then your child will not be able to navigate anywhere else.

8.Battery: Battery settings panel now show an estimated projection for how much time you have left while charging or discharging.

Other features include : Smarter internet connections, Better performance and Smart lock.

Screenshots of Latest O.S :

Already updated your Moto G to Android Lollipop? Let us know about the experience in the comments section below.


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