Why Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature is a Fail

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One of the anticipated feature Calling via Whatsapp rolled out couple of months back, it is a useful tool to make Voice call by simply by tapping Phone icon.

Previously, Call icon on whatsapp dialed a normal Call to the contact, but with the introduction of integrated Whatsapp Call feature, Calls are made using Internet and Data Connection is needed for the same on the both ends.

The feature is not much popular and used by People and there are several reasons listed below.

Whatsapp Call feature has not been much Popular and People are not much using this feature (atleast in India). It is due to:

1) Though some of the Mobile Networks have launched 4G services, but still there is major portion of Internet users that are still using 2G internet and Voice calls using 2G data are really annoying.

2) Also, there can be Voice Lag, when two users are having different internet Connection speed. If one of the user is using 2G internet and other is using 3G internet, there can be Voice lag of 5 seconds.

If you are not getting above, it reads as Worst thing about Whatspp Calling feature is "  I am not able to hear you, Say it again ", Might be the 2G - 3G lag :D

3) When we click the Call icon, Call initiates in a second, even you don't get time to cut the call, if call button is pressed by mistake. No confirmation message appears, like Call this Number. Yes or Cancel. This feature should have been added to Calling feature.
Attachment icon to send any media (pics or Video) is placed just right to call button and there are chances that you can accidentally press Call button.

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Sometime, it becomes annoying due to Voice clarity issue and many times, you can hear you voice echoing back.

There are some better apps like Viber that offers much better Voice calling quality.


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