[How to] Download all Facebook Photos,Videos from a Facebook Page, Group or Account to your PC

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Hello readers , Facebook is an integral part of our life, most of us logs in  to Facebook everyday to post status, Pics , videos and to read & check your friends Status, Photos and other Posts. Everyday your near and dear ones uploads albums of their life moments, Ever wondered about downloading all the pics and videos at once to your computer. One way of saving them is manually by opening each and every photo one by one and downloading them, that is very time consuming and cumbersome task.In this Post i am going to share a useful website that allows you to download all the photos as well as videos uploaded by you, your friends as well Photos and Video from Facebook Pages and Groups too.

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1. Visit the website: PicknZip


2. Click on Login> button at the top. You will be logged in with your Facebook account.
3. Next you will come across the window as shown in the image below showing your Friends, Groups which you have joined and Facebook Pages you have liked .

4. Choose your or Particular Friend's account or Group/Page whose Photos you want to download. You can choose a particular album , download all the Timeline Photos or Every single media Uploaded by the user. 
choose/select albums

5.Choose/Select the Pics or Videos album sets you want to download and Click on Download tab at the top Right corner and you will see 2 options:  Download my Selection and Download all photos
download window

6. After clicking on Blue or Green Download buttons , it will start Gathering photos or videos as shown below.

7. Next , after Gathering Photos it will show File ready to download. Click on Save button, Choose the Format you want to save the files: Two options are available zip and PDF

8. After Clicking on Save button , the following window will open,Choose the Location on your PC where you want to save the downloads.
I hope you have saved it , PicknZip is a very User friendly site to  save fb photos and Videos easily to your Computer.
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