How to Check your Internet connection Speed - Download and Upload Speed test

Well , if you want to know how much downloading and Uploading speed you are getting by your Isp , there are lots of websites to know the bandwidth or simply Internet connection speed . In this post , I am going to post some of the best websites to Check your net speed.

5 Websites to Check your Internet Connection speed :

1.  : It is the best website for checking  bandwidth of your internet connection. For checking speed , your computer or device must have latest version of adobe flash player. Firstly , ask users to choose a server( Out of many ) by which your bandwidth is recognized . It shows your download and upload speed and also shows your ISP average speed after computing your results. Thus you can verify that you are getting the best  net speed as promised by Your Internet service provider. Also offers mobile apps for android and iOs operating systems.Also you can make an account on it to track Speed of internet on multiple computers.

Website link:

2. Bandwidthplace : works similar like , however it has reduced Functions as compared to the first one.

Website link:

3. Speakeasy : also determines internet connection speed. You need to choose a particular server among various given(All are of US) and click on start test to begin. also you must have flash player installed for its working.

Website link:

4. Bandwidth speed-testing : It is another , much simplifies site and Calculates Downloading and uploading speed in seconds.

Website link:

5. : Beside checking internet speed , it also gives detailed information about IP address of your internet connection.
Website link:

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