Instagram updated with five new filters and other new features

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Here is something new for Instagrammers !!

Instagram, Popular Photo sharing app announced 5 new filters, last time 2 filers (Mayfair and Willow) were added back in December 2012, now after 2 years , Instagram rolled out a massive update for both Android and iOS users.

New Instagram filters are Creama, Slumber, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua will now appear in the list of filters making the total number of filters to 24 now.

Another feature added in the latest update allows users to reorder the app's filters or hide the one's they don't use. Manage button at the end of filter tray will help to rearrange 

Beside these two, two other features rolled out, the ability of uploading slow motion videos and real time commenting is now enabled, no need to refresh to see new updates.

"Photography trends have evolved, and the capabilities of the camera on your phone have vastly improved."   - Instagram Blog's  Post

Company says Capabilities of  Cameras have improved along with the creativity of users and time spent by them carefully composing and editing pics and videos to add emotions and feelings.

Update now:

Recognize music playing around you with these Music search/Identification apps

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Music is part of our lives, everyone loves to listen music, for some it is motivation, for some it's way to pass time and some are so addictive that music is turned on even while working.Even my headphones are plugged in right now while writing this blog post.You heard a song on Radio or a great song is playing in the club and you don't know which song is it, Don't worry guys, Android Smartphones have something to offer.Thanks to developers, who by doing coding stuff develops awesome apps that makes our smartphones really smart.

There are several free apps available that can easily detect, identify song playing around you and you will get song name, lyrics , mp3, Video of the same.

Here are some of the Music Recognition apps :

1. Shazam

Shazam is a great way to detect any music playing music around you. In seconds, it detects and shows the name of the song, Genre and album along with artists
It also offers :
You can buy song on Amazon and itunes
Real time lyrics
Watch music videos on youtube
Share your music discoveries on social networking sites with your buddies.
With Rdio and Spotify, you can listen whole songs

2.  Soundhound :

Soundhound is another great app to identify any music playing around you. Tap soundhound button and app will show song name and lyrics and explore more similar music or from the same artist.
This app have added feature that it can even detect the music and give search results through singing and humming search.

Whats more in this app:

Real time facebook and twitter updates from your favourite artists,
Geotagging and share on Facebook and twitter
Search music by humming or singing.

3. Hound:

Hound is another instant music search app for Smartphones.This app is from Soundhound only, just say the name of the song or band and it will give you lyrics, Songs previews, Music videos and instant sharing to social networking sites.

TrackID from Sony mobile  is another easy and fast way to recognize any music.It works similar to soundhound, just tap on the TrackID button and within seconds applications shows the name of the song 

Bonus : Another app musiXmatch is another useful app to find lyrics of any song along with added features.


Laptop shows Plugged in, not charging or No Battery detected

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"Plugged in, not charging or No Battery detected" -Notification

Recently, i came across a notfication with error "Condider replacing your battery" on my Windows 7 laptop. Well that was expected as laptop turned 3 years old and the batteries of laptops needs to replaced afteer 2-3 years as their capacity gradually degrades with time and utlimately throw error of Replacing it in the notification box.

Such notification appears on Windows 7 laptops when your battery is unable to hold 40% of total charge.Back-up of batteries reduces to just 15 to 30 minutes and as long as charger is plugged in, you will be able to run laptop.If you are getting Condider replacing your battery notification on your Laptop, it's means you need to get a new battery.

I purchased new battery for my Dell Inspiron 14 R N4110 from dell retailer shop and it cost me Rs 2200. When i plugged in firstly it showed notification as Plugged in, not charging and after that i got Notification as No Battery detected  when i restarted the system.

Fisrtly check the BIOS setup -F2 at powerup(for Dell, F10 for HP) . It will confirm whether system is able to identify the AC adapter or its listed as Unknown.

Troubleshooting :  Plugged in, not charging or No Battery detected

If you are getting similar Notification on your Laptop,here is a Useful tip that you need to do and hopefully it will get fixed.

>Hard Reset

 Make sure your AC adapter is properly connected to laptop / Might have been half plugged.
 Ok, if its plugged fine, then follow these steps, (Hard Reset)

1. Shut down your Laptop.
2. Remove/take out the Laptop's Battery  (Unplug all external devices)
3. Press the Power button of laptop for 15-20 seconds. (It will drain residual electric charge from capacitors.)
4. Reinsert the battery and start the computer.
5. Connect the AC adapter and check 

In my case the Notification was removed and Changed to Plugged in Charging after following above steps.

In case you issue is still there, 

>Update BIOS and Chipset drivers

Try updating the BIOS and Chipset drivers.In case problem still persists, then probably  the problem lies in battery itself. 


Online Transaction failed, but amount debited/deducted from account. What to do?

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Online transactions have become very common these days, with the advancement in Internet technology, you can do all the bank transactions online easily in minutes.Many times due to bad internet connectivity or some other bugs, transaction becomes unsuccessful but amount gets debited from your account. Such issue are common while making truncations during  payment of Online shopping, reserving ticket on IRCTC, paying power/telephone bills.

Case Study:

Amount deducted twice , Even for the failed transaction, amt. was debited from account, Got Refund same day.

Couple of days back i was paying my Internet Bill of MTS online. I always pay my bills online and never faced any difficulty till now. The bill amount was 1122 and i chose internet banking as Payment option.
At the last stage of payment, after hitting submit button, i came across page that showed error like "oops, transaction not successful",

So, again i tried my luck to pay bill, this time i chose Debit card as online payment method, and this time the transaction was successful.

After this i paid another bill of Rs 537 of Tata docomo postpaid via debit card, again transaction was successful.

After some time, i logged into internet banking to checked my account balance, i noticed that amount of 1122 was debited twice from my account, though the first time, transaction failed.

Nextly, i contacted ICICI customer care and explained them the whole issue that my amount is deducted twice, though the transaction failed for the first time.It was 1 PM in night and they told me to call next day after 9 AM regarding this issue.

I called MTS customer care as well regarding this issue and they told me that they have received  payment of Rs 1122 once and told me in case amount is debited twice, bank will assist me to get it bank.

I called them next morning, Customer care told that the amount will be refunded back within 3 days. In case it is not refunded back with in a week, you can call us again after a week and file a problem/complaint with us regarding this issue.

Well this is a very common problem of failed transactions and many of you must have faced the same that whats made you landed  you on this page.

I also contacted ICICI bank using their online complaint page to get the refund back ASAP.

I was delighted with the service of ICICI bank and they refunded back the amount same day.

What to do in similar case:

Contact immediately Bank on their Customer Care support.You can easily find the Customer care support numbers of all the banks online.

Try to find email address or Contact us webpage on the Bank website and try to drop a mail covering all the details and sharing any screenshot if you have.

Don't worry, you will get the money back. Banks verify the details of unsuccessful transactions and refunds the money back to your account.The time of refund varies for all the banks, Public sector may take upto a month while Private sector banks refunds the amount same day itself.

If you are facing any problem, feel free to comment below.


Design Custom and Personalized Case Covers for your Smartphones Online

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Everyone owns Smartphones, they are our companions and we are so much dependent on them that can't live without using them for a single day.Smartphones being a part of your life, you can give them personalized looks using useful websites and tools online.

You can give custom looks to your Smartphone Case covers using useful tools online by using your own design.

Just upload the images you want to display or choose from ready to use templates and add custom images and text to give custom looks, below mentioned websites will print them and ship right to you.

1. :

Offers custom and personalized case covers for smartphones of all the major brands, just upload the images and add the text you want to appear and you are done. Prices starts from Rs 449 and depends upon device.


2. :

Printland also offers pre-designed amazing case covers and has great designer tools that allows you to Create your own custom cover.

3.  Printstop :

Printstop is another tool to create customized Case covers for your smartphone. You can choose from ready to use designs or personalize by uploading images. They offers soft covers as well as hard covers, Price range starts from Rs 500

Don't Miss: Make Sketch of your images online in minutes.

4. Case Custom:

It is another useful website that can help you turn your photos into amazing phone covers. Offers free Shipping worldwide.


6. LikeMyCase:

7. Etsy :

 Also read : Free online Watermark Generator

Flipkart #BigBillionDay turns into flopkart | Customers Reactions - Hilarious Tweets and Status

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Flipkart's much awaited #BigBillionDay aka Indian Black Friday kicked off yesterday but sale turned into a flop sale as most of the best deals went out of stock in minutes or it was showing Error 404 many times.The mega sale started at 8:00 am and within few minutes most of the attractive items were out of stock.

In many instances, Flipkart allegedly marked up the retail price of products and then sold them by offering discounts. Buyer's frustration thus made its way to twitter and Facebook, Check out the compilation below and it's simply hilarious.

Price of many products were raised and then Flipkart offered discounts but Digital customer is not too dumb to fall in this trap.

Not only Twitter, but  Facebook timelines were full of  Customers Frustration and #Flipkart trolls.