How to install Google Chrome on CentOS/Red hat (RHEL) 7 using Yum

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Google chrome is a safe, faster and freeware web browser developed by Google Inc.

Linux distributions comes with pre installed Mozilla Firefox browser, in case you want to install Google Chrome on Linux, same can be done using yum package management tool

Below are the steps to install Google chrome in RHEL/CentOS 7

1. Enable Google Yum repository, create file google-chrome.repo

[root@localhost etc]# cd /etc/yum.repos.d/

[root@localhost yum.repos.d]# touch google-chrome.repo

2. Add below lines of code to google-chrome.repo

[root@localhost yum.repos.d]# vim google-chrome.repo

in the google-chrome.repo  repository, add below


3. Check latest available chrome 

[root@localhost /]# yum info google-chrome-stable

Available Packages
Name        : google-chrome-stable
Arch        : x86_64
Version     : 46.0.2490.86
Release     : 1
Size        : 45 M
Repo        : google-chrome/x86_64
Summary     : Google Chrome
URL         :
License     : Multiple, see
Description : The web browser from Google
            : Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

[root@localhost /]# 

4. ## Install Google Chrome Stable version ##
yum install google-chrome-stable


Installing CentOS/RHEL 7 on Vmware Workstation 12

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Rhel 7/ CentOS 7 comes with lot of multiple features and designed for new cloud platforms and modern datacenters. Most important change in Rhel 7 is switching to systemd, that now manages daemons, process and other important system resources.Other change is XFS that is now the default File system.

Installing CentOS 7 is easy task, its made more easy with easy install of VMware, 

Prerequisites :

Installed VMware workstarion
Iso file of CentOS / Rhel

CentOS iso file can be downloaded from >

Open VMware Workstation. I have installed CentOS on VMware workstation 12. Below is the initial page that opens up while launching VMware workstation 12.

Choose Create a New Virtual machine, below window will open, Choose among Typical or Custom install, Typical installation is recommended, after that  Choose Installer disc image file (iso) option and browse to the location where iso file is located and click next

Next, choose the VM name and add username and set password.

In the next step, set the disc size, set at-least 20 GB and click next

Finishing VM setup
In case you want to view or modify Hardware, click on Customize Hardware

Automated Installation will begin by Easy install, installing packages and finishing setup will take some time.

Easy install automates the process and take cares of installation process.

Installation of packages takes some time.

Its done ! Enjoy your CentOS 7 Gnome desktop 


Facebook Is Down: 'Sorry, Something Went Wrong'

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Facebook INC, the world number one social networking website is not accessible for many users on Monday, 29th September 1:00 AM IST

Some users who are able to login are getting message "Sorry, something went wrong. We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can."

It seems to be disruption in service and site is not accessible for last 15 minutes.

Facebook went down third time in month,Earlier outages occurred on September 17th and second one occurred on September 24th  It is confirmed that it is not accessible for multiple users as tweets for outage is flowing on twitter with hashtag #facebookdown

Update : 1:20 AM IST : > The downtime lasted for 20-25 minutes, now it is up and accessible


Tp-Link TL-WR740N 150Mbps Wireless N Router Unboxing and Configuration

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If you are looking for Cheap and effective Wireless router, to facilitate Internet connectivity in your home using a Single Internet source, Wireless routers comes handy and it will enable you to run Internet on all your Wireless devices whether its Smartphones, Laptops, iPad's and even on Desktops.

If you are searching for decent WiFi router, there are number of options available with Prices as low as Rs 700, major brands are D-Link, TP-link, Netgear, Cisco.

Keeping all the aspects in mind, i finally choose TP-LINK TL-WR740N 150Mbps Wireless Router that cost me Rs 824 and I bought it from Flipkart.The product was delivered in two days and Packaging was absolutely fine, full marks to Flipkart.

Going through the Product Specification:

1. Supports Wireless speed upto 150 Mbps
2. Wireless Security Encrytion
3. IP based Firewall control.
4. Supports WPA/ WPA2,  WPA2-PSK Encryptions
5. One antenna of 5 dbi

The router comes with 3 years warranty against manufacturing defects, it is easy to install and configure and makes your home Wifi enabled in minutes.

TP-Link TL-WR740N Router packaging- Ordered via Flipkart

In Box contents:
  1. TP-LINK TL-WR740N 150Mbps Wireless N Router
  2. Power Adapter
  3. Patch Cable
  4. Installation Guide and Support CD

Router can be installed and Configured in minutes.

Below image shows the Typical Connection of a Wireless Network. Router can be configured in a few minutes.

Connect the Power adapter cable to the router and the RJ-45 port of the Modem to the RJ-45 port adjacent to Reset button. If you want to run desktops, there are 4 ports, you can connect patch cable to any of the Port to the CPU. After switching on the router, make sure first three and second last light indicators are on.

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Configuring the Router:

1. Go to or from your browser. Type username and Password as admin and hit login.

2.  Click on Quick Set-up, it shows the Status of LAN and wireless Mac address and other info.

3. Run the Quick Setup and Click Next

4. You can choose any Wireless Network name and select Region and add Wireless password to restrict other users.

The Bottom Line:

Tp-Link TL-WR740N is a great option if you are looking for a Wifi router for home,  5 dbi antenna covers decent space and it is best router in this price range. Easy to set up and no doubt it is a complete value for money package.

If you are planning to buy Wireless Router, you can go with Tp-link  TL WR740N

          Buy Now


Best Food Delivery Smartphone Apps in India

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Smartphones apps that makes your Android or iOS powered phone "Smart for Real" Now you can order food on your Smartphones and get it delivered in few minutes or hour depending upon order with the help of Food ordering apps.There are several Startups and global food chains like Dominos that offers apps for Smartphones by which you can order your favorite food quickly.

Here are some of the apps that made it to Top list

1. Foodpanda:

Available for: Android iOSWindowsPhone

Foodpanda is the most popular Online Food delivery service in India. It has large database of restaurants and offers good  discounts on Orders. Feeling hungry and Don't want to cook, Install Foodpanda and order your favourite food.You can create profile on Foodpanda and save multiple address and avail discounts using exclusive deals and offers.

2. Zomato:

Zomato, another popular name in the food delivery and restaurant listing niche. Zomato offers two apps: Zomato Food and Restaurant finder and latest one from Zomato is Zomato Order Food Online

Zomato Restaurant Finder helps you view all the nearby restaurants, complete menu as well as user reviews are also displayed that can help you making choice while ordering Food. Zomato covers most of the Indian Metro cities.


Zomato Restaurant Finder: Android, iOS

Zomato recently launched another app Zomato Order that is currently available in multiple cities including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai.

Zomato Order Food Online: Android , iOS

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3. Dominos:

World famous Pizza chain, Dominos offers their app to order pizzas real quick, just install app on your Smartphone and Order your favorite Pizza.

Available for: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

4. Just Eat:

Feeling hungry, JustEat app offers your favorite cuisine on the Go. Just choose your location, it will lists the closest restaurants, Place order and get your food delivered and make payment using Cash on Delivery option.

Available for : Android, iOS , Windows Phone

5. Tinyowl

Available for : Android, iOS 

You are just a tap away from ordering your favorite food, Install the app and its shows all the nearby restaurants, their menus, minimum order amount and estimated Delivery time

6. Faasos:

Available for: Android, iOS 

Faasos is another great app operating in several cities in India, another great app to order food using your Smartphones.

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How OLA is cheating Indian Customers with Dynamic Pricing Policy

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OLA cabs that are known for their Cheap rides have started giving shock to their customers whenever they come to know they have been charged beyond their exception. We have seen their fancy advertisement that claims them to be cheapest taxi Provider with fare as low as 8 rs per km. but customers are feeling cheated and Shocked when they have to pay Rs 706 for 16 km , that is around 44 Rs per km for Indica Ride.

This is a trick by OLA team that is surely beneficial for them but Customers have to Pay more money for even small distances.While booking Cabs using application, a Pop up appears that reads as Peak Pricing Charge (2x or 2.2x or even more)  will apply and Customers usually in hurry never thinks much that it can cost 3 times and normally clicks Yes button and falls in OLA pricing trap.

Check out above Fare details. A 16 Km Indica  ride costs Rs 706 , that is Rs 44 per Km. Isn't it too much.

I have been frequent user of OLA cab, and a couple of days back they overcharged me with Over Pricing Trap and since then, I have to think twice before booking OLA cab.

Here is my Fare bill :

OLA charged me Rs 505 for 14.8 km ride that costs Rs 34 per km.The ride usually costs Rs 250 - 300 but this time i have to pay twice amount, that is  too much high and their Peak Pricing System is too complex and cheats the Customer.

I Called OLA customer representative regarding billing problem, but they replied peak pricing is to ensure that there are more cabs on the street to meet additional demand.
I don't understand this concept, if they have to provide their services 24x7 , it is upto OLA team to manage Shortage of Cabs, Why do Customers pay triple Price ? and practically i don't think there is any shortage of Cabs in Delhi/NCR and peak pricing is an evil idea of OLA to fool and cheat customers by overcharging them.

This Policy is only benefiting OLA and if this Pricing policy will continue, OLA will surely loose major share of its customers and will drift towards another Players available in the market.

Think twice, before Booking OLA cabs.