How OLA is cheating Indian Customers with Dynamic Pricing Policy

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OLA cabs that are known for their Cheap rides have started giving shock to their customers whenever they come to know they have been charged beyond their exception. We have seen their fancy advertisement that claims them to be cheapest taxi Provider with fare as low as 8 rs per km. but customers are feeling cheated and Shocked when they have to pay Rs 706 for 16 km , that is around 44 Rs per km for Indica Ride.

This is a trick by OLA team that is surely beneficial for them but Customers have to Pay more money for even small distances.While booking Cabs using application, a Pop up appears that reads as Peak Pricing Charge (2x or 2.2x or even more)  will apply and Customers usually in hurry never thinks much that it can cost 3 times and normally clicks Yes button and falls in OLA pricing trap.

Check out above Fare details. A 16 Km Indica  ride costs Rs 706 , that is Rs 44 per Km. Isn't it too much.

I have been frequent user of OLA cab, and a couple of days back they overcharged me with Over Pricing Trap and since then, I have to think twice before booking OLA cab.

Here is my Fare bill :

OLA charged me Rs 505 for 14.8 km ride that costs Rs 34 per km.The ride usually costs Rs 250 - 300 but this time i have to pay twice amount, that is  too much high and their Peak Pricing System is too complex and cheats the Customer.

I Called OLA customer representative regarding billing problem, but they replied peak pricing is to ensure that there are more cabs on the street to meet additional demand.
I don't understand this concept, if they have to provide their services 24x7 , it is upto OLA team to manage Shortage of Cabs, Why do Customers pay triple Price ? and practically i don't think there is any shortage of Cabs in Delhi/NCR and peak pricing is an evil idea of OLA to fool and cheat customers by overcharging them.

This Policy is only benefiting OLA and if this Pricing policy will continue, OLA will surely loose major share of its customers and will drift towards another Players available in the market.

Think twice, before Booking OLA cabs.


Why Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature is a Fail

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One of the anticipated feature Calling via Whatsapp rolled out couple of months back, it is a useful tool to make Voice call by simply by tapping Phone icon.

Previously, Call icon on whatsapp dialed a normal Call to the contact, but with the introduction of integrated Whatsapp Call feature, Calls are made using Internet and Data Connection is needed for the same on the both ends.

The feature is not much popular and used by People and there are several reasons listed below.

Whatsapp Call feature has not been much Popular and People are not much using this feature (atleast in India). It is due to:

1) Though some of the Mobile Networks have launched 4G services, but still there is major portion of Internet users that are still using 2G internet and Voice calls using 2G data are really annoying.

2) Also, there can be Voice Lag, when two users are having different internet Connection speed. If one of the user is using 2G internet and other is using 3G internet, there can be Voice lag of 5 seconds.

If you are not getting above, it reads as Worst thing about Whatspp Calling feature is "  I am not able to hear you, Say it again ", Might be the 2G - 3G lag :D

3) When we click the Call icon, Call initiates in a second, even you don't get time to cut the call, if call button is pressed by mistake. No confirmation message appears, like Call this Number. Yes or Cancel. This feature should have been added to Calling feature.
Attachment icon to send any media (pics or Video) is placed just right to call button and there are chances that you can accidentally press Call button.

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Sometime, it becomes annoying due to Voice clarity issue and many times, you can hear you voice echoing back.

There are some better apps like Viber that offers much better Voice calling quality.


#GotFinale : People reaction on Twitter after Game of thrones Season 5 Finale

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Warning: This post contains spoilers about Sunday's Game of thrones finale.

HBO's drama's GOT 5th season ended  shockingly as many of the biggest stars were killed off.

Episode starts on a bad note for Stannis who receives a news that half of the men deserted him and later found his wife Selyse hanging from a tree, Stannis Baratheon marched on to winterfell but his army was outnumbered and the Boltons defeated them and in the end Stannis was killed by Brienne of Tarth's sword but we didn't see the final blow.

Sansa Stark, tried to send the signal to save herself but sadly the person who was supposed to save Sansa was busy somewhere else, Luckily Theon saves her from Myranda who was trying to kill her. Theon and Sansa jumps from castle walls of winterfell, dead or alive not shown. We hope the know down the walls was thick.

Myrcella Baratheon, who was released from Dorne, seems to be poisoned.

Arya undergoes some physical transformation, in the end Arya looses her sight and turns blind, not a happy ending again for Arya as well.

Daenerys Targaryen:

Daenerys and Dorgon are shown on the mountain,  Dorgon is exhausted and in no mood to take Daenerys back to Mareen, Daeneys goes out to hunt something for supper, later she was surrounded by hundred of Dothraki warriors.

Again it ended on a ambiguous note, whether its good or bad for her.

Cersei Lannister:

Finally Cersei accepted her sins Later, Those nuns stole the show with Shame Shame :D

Jon Snow:

Olly comes to Jon snow with the news that someone knows his uncle Benjen Stark, Snow unaware that it is trap rushes to meet the person, Then Jon Snow is stabbed and killed by his own brothers of Night watch. Jon falls on the ground dead and episode ends.

He's not dead, he's just resting — maybe - maybe not  ?

People didn't expected show to end up like this.

People reaction  on Twitter, after Sunday’s gut-wrenching GOT season5 finale

What do you think about the #GotFinale , Comment below. !! 


Turn your Selfies into Creative Stickers and Avatars with BobbleApp

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The latest mobile app creating buzz these days after dubsmash is Bobble App - Stickers and Comics, the best app to create Stickers and comics from your own selfies, app brings out the fun and creative part of you and best way to share your life moments, conversations whether you are having exam fever, expressing your love, feeling tired etc etc, it is perfect app to bring out some fun and creativity.

This created app is founded by wassem and Ankit and  app is newly released and getting popular these days

How to use?

Bobble app is very easy to use, click a selfie or select any already clicked pic from your gallery and turn yourself into a cute character or funny cartoon,

You can choose three styles : Stickers, Stories and Canvas. 

Gone are the days of using same emoji, emoticons every time, this app can help you create all new avatar in minutes.

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In the Stories mode, you can add your face in already created stories with themes of Game of thrones, IPL talks, movies scenes, become Chris Gayle or Virat, kejriwal, modi stuff and much more. 

The app contains wacky library of themes, Characters, expressions, dialogues and captions.

The created bobble can be shared on Whatsapp, hike, Facebook, etc with easy sharing option.

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Some random bobbles from app's website:

Download this fun app now:

Android Phones > Google Play Store 
iPhone/iOS devices >  iTunes

So, what are you waiting for, Start Cartoonify yourself and your buddies !! 


Infolinks ad program for Publishers Review | Monetize Your Blog

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Infolinks is a popular name in the list of Online advertisement players among publishers and bloggers.Started back in 2007,Inflolinks is old player now and offers variety of advertisement products to publishers and advertisers.

If you are looking for Advertisement program to monetize your online content, Infolinks is a great option with variety of advertisement styles and numerous Payment options.

If Google Adsense is primary source of income for your blogs/websites, then infolinks in-text ads can be used to further enhance earnings.We have earlier, reviewed Infolinks, but now Infolinks offers all new advertisement options with payment options though highlighted/underlined text ads are amongst the most popular one.

Pre- requirements before Signing up:

You must have a blog or website  of any niche on which you want to display ads.

Signing up for infolinks account is very easy, Just sign up and you will become Infolinks Publisher after account is approved.Once the account is approved, simply copy the source code and place it on your blogger , Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal website. It takes less than a minute to integrate your site with Infolinks.

Types of Infolinks ads:

In-text ads:

In-text ads are most popular ad format, ads are displayed as highlighted text and hovering your mouse over highlighted text will show ads as shown in screenshot below. The colour and number of in-text can be changed and modified, Publishers will be paid for every click on the advertisement.


Infold ads appears from bottom of the page as shown in image below. These ads are recommended to increase the CTR of the page but on the other hand readers might find it annoying.


Intag ad option displays several tags placed in the form of ads, just like google ads text links, but difference is that on moving mouse over tag, ad windows appears and all valid clicks are paid to publishers.


In this type of ad format, ads appears from both side of the screen as shown in image below, Just like infold ads, these ads helps to increase Click through rate of website.


Inscreen ads displays ads on the screen as shown below.

Displaying more advertisement will increase the CTR of the page and will result in more revenue, but on the other hand readers will find the site too irritating with full of ads, So it is recommended to stick with one or two options out of above as per your choice. Infolinks being secondary source of income for our blog, we have limited to 8 dotted in-text ads on a page, that looks decent and do not fills the webpage with advertisements.

Payment options:

Once your payment reaches threshold amount, Payment can be received via below options:

1. Paypal
2. Bank Wire
3. eCheck
4. Western Union
5. ACH ( for US bank accounts )
6. Payoneer ( Infolinks Prepaid Mastercard )

Minimum Threshold amount of payments is $50 and ( $100 for Western Union and Bank Wire option)

Earnings review:

If you have a blog with less than 500 pageviews per day, Infolinks acts as bonus when used along with Google Adsense ads.

The more the page views you website has, earnings will grow, Inflolinks ad program is recommended for low, medium and high traffic websites.

Infolinks earnings over past year

Do let us know if you are using infolinks on your blog or not, let us know your experience with this ad programs

Sign up for Infolinks Ads now

Infolinks is one of the reputed and best In-text Ad network for Bloggers. Infolinks works well with all niche and it has better Payout.


Must Install App for Android | Power Reading : Word Snitch

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Smartphones becomes smart with the smart apps that adds more functionality to your device, thanks to developers ! there are many apps for both iOS and Android that make your Smartphone really smart. Another great app that we stumbled upon coupled of days back is worth installing on your phones.Listed under category of Educational apps, it is a must install app for Android users

Word Snitch is a great app that can help you know the meaning and synonyms  of any simple, complex word without going to other dictionary app to find out the meaning.

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  • It is pretty easy to use, just install the app and copy the unfamiliar text and see its meaning instantly.

1. Open any reading application (For eg. Webpage on Browser, pdf or other app with text)

2. Select any unfamiliar word and copy the same to find out its meaning

3. Meaning appears itself

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What are  benefit of installing Word Snitch:

1.  Time saving Dictionary : Shows meanings of word on the app itself.
2. Word Snitch works offline.
3. Recommended for ones who are preparing for GRE, GMAT, CAT or similar exams
4. Free list of 1000+ words to boost and prepare for GRE, GMAT exams,
5. Save sentences while reading.
6. You can even edit the dictionary

Download now for Android  via Play store

 783 total

Best thing about this app is its simplicity and words are saved and can be used for future use.