Flipkart Affiliate Program - Maximum earnings for August'18 are capped at Rs.100

Hello to all fellow bloggers and affiliate marketers, Flipkart has been since couple of years in Indian business and a well established brand in  e-commerce and Online shopping portal. Like most of the big brands, Flipkart also offers its Affiliate program to bloggers to monetize by sharing affiliate links on their website. Earlier the payout for payment was fixed as Rs 1000 but later it was changed to Rs 5000. Many bloggers were using this affiliate campaign to advertise flipkart products and earn some commissions for every valid purchase and order via their link.
Last month, Flipkart sent out email and a notification was showing up at top while logging into flipkart account regarding July affiliate fees
Dear Affiliate Partner,​Kindly note that we haven't allocated any earning referral fees for July'18 to this account hence request to pause your campaigns this month.Please be informed commissions earned in the month of July'18 is not liable for payment.Thanks & Regard…

IPSec Configuration in Rhel 7 - Securing VPNs using Libreswan

This post describes the procedures to install and configure IPSec on Rhel 7.x. IPSec is available for both IPv4 and IPv6 address versions.
In Rhel7 , Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be configured using the Ipsec protocol that can be configured using libreswan 
Prerequisite :
Ensure that Yum repository is configured in the system. The package of the libreswan can be found in Rhel / Centos  iso dvd.
Below are the steps to configure IPSec using libreswan on RHEL 7
1.Login to the system as root user (to both the nodes) using ssh protocol, if not already logged in.
2.Install the libreswan package with all its dependencies for IPsec from YUM repository:
yum install libreswan -y
3.IPsec configurations are stored inside /etc/ipsec.d/ directory and /etc/ipsec.conf file Generate a public/private key pair for RSA-based authentication on both the Nodes that are being configured for IPsec. Run the following commands one-by-one on both the Target nodes, that are node1 and node2:
a.Generate the certificate…

Creating Virtual machines in KVM using GUI tool

In our earlier post, we explained how you can easily install and configure KVM Hypervisor on RHEL 7 or Centos 7, In this post, i will tell you the steps to create your first Kernel based Virtual machine using GUI based Virt Manager.
If you have not installed Hypervisor yet,please read below post and do the same first.

Read Post :How to install and configure KVM Hypervisor 

Once you are done with installation/configuration tasks of KVM hypervisor along with x window package.

Type virt-manager on your Hypervisor that will open up a GUI tool that is used to manage KVM

[root@himanshu ~]# virt-manager

You will see something like below, In below screenshot, i already have 2 KVM machines created.

Click on File > New Virtual machine or Desktop/Screen button to Create a new Virtual machine.

If you are creating VM using iso image, browse the iso file/media locally on your system and click Forward.

Give the name of machine you want and click Finish

Sell your old Gadgets easily with and get instant Cash on your doorstep

Everything around us is getting automated and digitalized saving both our time and money,Thanks to our Smartphones, Useful websites on Web, Applications that acts a boon and we can do a lot from them in matter of seconds. 
Tech is improving day by day, so as the number of cores in your gadget's Snapdragon Processor. Being tech and gadget lover, i love to explore new Smartphones with more enhanced features, better performance and improved Hardware. 

But what about your old device, how to sell it, worrying about bargains/negotiations, Don't worry, is hassle free solution for all these that can help you sell your old gadget in matter of minutes and you will get instant Cash on your doorstep.

Cashify Review 2018 | How to Sell Old mobile phones 

My experience of selling my Old Moto G4 plus
Well, i was quite bored of my old Moto G4 plus and wanted to get rid of the same this Diwali. Obviously, phone do have cons that provoked me to get rid of the same and get a new Smartphone…

How to Install and Configure KVM Hypervisor on RHEL 7

KVM stands for Kernel based Virtual machine is open source Virtualization infrastructure for Linux Kernel that turns Linux server into a Hypervisor that allows you to run multiple Linux and windows based machines.

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Prerequisites :

Check for Hardware compatibility for running KVMs
First precheck or prerequisite is to check whether our hardware/CPU  supports it or not. Run below command to check the same. If below command returns either vmx or svm in the output, that means our hardware is fine  for KVM and having  required CPU virtualization extensions.

For Intel based Hardware : vmx
For AMD based Hardware : svm

[root@himanshu ~]# cat /proc/cpuinfo | egrep 'vmx|svm'

Install KVM packages using Yum 
Below packages need to be installed on your Linux machine for installing  KVM hypervisor.

[root@himanshu ~]# yum install qemu-kvm qemu-img virt-manager libvirt libvirt-python libvirt-client virt-install virt-viewer bridge-utils

 After installing the packages…

Unboxing WD My Passport 1 TB Wired External Hard Disk Drive with Saco Back Cover - Review

Our storage requirements are increasing day by day, Earlier we were  having computers with hard disk of 100 GB capacity that was considered to be very high at that time,also our data requirements were low those days, but  now 1 TB hard disks have become very common and storage requirements are increasing day by day. Be it anywhere, Home, Internet business or enterprise, data is growing at a great pace and  this Big data that is known subject these days also known as Hadoop
If  your  internal drives become full and you don't want to delete any stuff, don't worry- External  Hard Disk Drives will come to rescue and will help you to save all you important data, on the other hand if you want to take backup of huge data say 500 GB that is not feasible for storing over cloud, same can be backed up over External hard drives.
Recently, my old buddy storage  - Dell Inspiron 14r (6 years old) almost reached almost 90% and was not able to find any thing that can be deleted and was not in …

Shareit : Cross Platform High Speed File Sharing App - Transfer Data between Mobile and PC

Shareit : Best app for transferring files between mobiles and mobiles to PC.
Smartphones are part of our lives and they always help us to make our life easy with Super Smart apps and utilities.Almost a decade back, when bluetooth was a hot feature in the mobile phones that offered inter platform file transfer between mobiles and computers,however the limitation of bluetooth transfer was limited  transfer speed.
In this post, we are talking about popular file transferring app, Shareit, that is developed by SHAREit Technology ltd

Shareit overcomes limitations of Bluetooth and can help in transferring and receiving files of any size  without using Bluetooth or Internet connection. It can help you transfer all types of files with speed as high as 200x bluetooth speed (around 10 MB/s) and the best thing is it runs on all the platforms, whether it is Android based Smartphone, iOS based Apple iPhone and iPads, Windows Phone, also supports Windows and Mac OS and another great feature is compa…