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Ambigrams are creative text art in which a word retains its same or different word when viewed at different angles, orientations. For eg. viewing a word at 180 degree clockwise and still shows the same meaning. This is what all ambigram is  , really an amazing art ,In our previous post , we wrote about what ambigrams are and some of the creative and impressive designs of ambigram.
Ambigrams  are very popular , many of the companies have their logos in the form of ambigram e.g. Sun microsystems and hyundai motors. Ambigram are also used in body tattoos designs. The ambigram become popular after  Dan Brown's book Angles and Demons.

How to create Ambigram Online?
For creating ambigram, you don't need any skill , with a matter of few clicks,you can easily create Ambigrams Online for free.Here are some of the useful tools to generate ambigrams online.


Flipscript is the best way to generate Ambigrams online.When you will google "Online Ambigram Generator"or "Create Ambigram Online", Flipscript ranks first on  Google Search and undoubtedly its the best way to make ambigram online.


1. Go to

2. Click on 'Create New Ambigram' at the Top Right Corner, a new pop up window will open.

3. Enter the Words, phrase , you can add additional 2nd word(optional), Choose the font style "FyreWater"  or "WyndeStorm" and click on preview. it will start loading up the preview.

Update: 5/4/2020

Go to Link :

Accept the terms and you will be landed to below page as shown below:

Choose the word for which you want to create Ambigram style flip design. You can add upto two words and click on Make Previews and it will instantly create the design for you.

There are two font options FyreWater and WyndeStorm

It will show three design options to choose during the Preview, linear and circular design. Flipscript also allows you to get this amazing style on products like necklace, books, Seal Stamper

4. You can order the ambigram starting from $ 14.95

Note: is not accessible in many countries and you might see a message" This content is not available in your Location" while opening this website.

2. Ambimatic: (Deprecated and not available now)

It is absolutely free tool to make ambigrams but the ambigram generated by Filescript is more perfect and professional compared to Ambimatic.
You can try Ambimatic by visiting

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3. Fontmeme: 
This website is not an ambigram generator but  will help you write text in Ambigram style font. Don't expect much from Fontmeme. Give a try by visiting:

4. Hire Someone from for $5:
Popular website Feverr in which people/freelancers  provide services for just $5.You can find several people who will help you create your custom ambigram for just $5.

Visit and Search ambigram in the search box , you will find the guys offering services at $5.

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  2. I prefer using Here you can choose a background color and there are three fonts, not just one like on most generators.

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