Received First Chitika Payment via Cheque - Payment proof

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Yeah , got my first ever Cheque payment from Chitika, Inc . Chitika , the famous Adsense alternative helped me to earn $ 54.88 out of my content. The amount though not that much big , but i am very happy as i have been payed for the first time by chitika and also it proves Chitika is legit firm and it really works.. The check arrived within 2 weeks  I have been using Chitika ads since i started blogging and will continue using Chitika ads.
If you are not aware of Chitika advertisement program for publishers , you can read complete review here .
I am posting the check proofs , so that if you are looking for Google Adsense alternatives for your blogs , you can trust Chitika ads and it will work great for you.
Chitika Cheque payment proof

You can also try Chitika ads for monetizing your content , although their Cpc are not as good as Google adsense , but it works fine if used along with adsense. It will help you to boost up your revenue by 25 % - My personal review. It does not matter whether you are a small publisher or large , it will work great for you . Give a try to Chitika ads on your websites / Blogs.

Website link: Sign Up for Chitika 


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