How much RAM is Sufficient for a Fast Computer 2GB , 4GB or 8GB?

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Planning to buy a new System or your old One hangs too much ? One thing that strikes your mind is RAM ..How much RAM should i go for or Upgrade my old System., whether 2GB is enough?We have already Posted about the basic things One must keep in his/her mind before buying a Laptop and Choosing Proper amount of RAM memory is one of the most important Thing.

What basically RAM is ?
RAM , most of you must be knowing is Random access memory and stores the Data on which you are working currently , it is of volatile nature and its content or Data gets Lost when Power supply is switched off.RAM are available in the form Of Integrated Circuits (IC's) and it is possible to use couple of these IC together to increase Total physical memory.

On what Factors RAM requirement depends?

1. Purpose of Using Computer : In what way or for what purpose you Use your Computer , like if you Use it for normal Internet browsing , Office work  the Sufficient RAM can be upto 2 to 3GB. However if you are a Hardcore Gamer and Use Computer for Gaming Purpose , 2-3GB would be a bottleneck during Gaming , So Go for atleast 6GB or more so that You have smooth and better Gaming Experience.

2. Type of Windows : These days most of the people are Using Windows 7 that comes in 2 versions as 32 bit and 64 bit . Windows 7 -32 bit requires less amount of RAM as compared to Win 7- 64 bit. Therefore if you Use 64 bit version better go for Higher RAM for smoother Functioning of Your System.

3. How much Multitasking You do ? : Yes , RAM requirement would be more if you do multitasking , Suppose you have several tabs opened in your Internet browser , at the same time you are listening songs , Also downloading stuff simultaneously , so to store current processes running up on your system , RAM comes into action , but If you RAM is too low then most irritating problem "System Hanging and Freezing " would arise , So it would be better if You Go For Large RAM size.

4. Type of Applications/ Program You use : If you Use heavy applications and software like Adobe Photoshop ,  Flash , Deejay programs. Go for atleast 4GB RAM.

Another Tip : Go For DDR3 RAMs instead of DDR2 RAMs as they are more powerful and Faster.

Thus : RAM Requirement  for Fast and better Performance is :
For Normal users : Atleast 2GB for Win XP  and 3- 4GB for Win7 32 & 64 bit versions , the more it will be more beneficial it is. See there are no harms of having more RAM size , it is always advantageous!

For Power Users / Hardcore Gamers :
I would suggest  atleast 6GB  , can exceed up to 8GB or even more , like I have earlier said having more and more RAM is advantageous. Moreover , RAM price are not that much these days , Thanks to Cheap IC Fabrication technology. It Costs just $ 50 for 4GB RAM.


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