New Google Search Calculator | Advance Virtual Calculator with Voice Command feature

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Earlier when you Typed any Mathematical Query in Google Search , the answer appeared in the bold form as shown in the image below. Google would simply display the Output result as 1 + 1 = 2.

OLDER Google Calculator
But now Google has added an advanced feature of Virtual Calculator , Now whenever you Type any mathematical or Trigonometry Query , you will Get The Results in a 34 button Virtual Calculator which looks like a Scientific Calculator and it is awesome.
Once you get the Output of your query , you can operate this Virtual Calculator with  your Mouse and solve any Query easily.

New Google Search Calculator
 The above pic shows the screenshot of New virtual Calculator , like i have calculated Tan (30 degree) and on pressing search button after writing tan 30 deg , the answer comes in the Virtual Calculator. Another good feature of this is : It is  Voice enabled that means you can post your query using Voice commands too by clicking on the mic icon in the search bar and speaking your equation.

This is awesome ! Try this virtual Calculator Link (Square root of 69) 
Also this service is available for Mobile Users too , to use scientific features Mobile has to be in Landscape mode.

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