How to make a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android Phone

Want to share your Internet data connection with some other Wi-fi device or Laptop? You can easily make a Wi-fi Hotspot on Android phones without any other App or software.Many Android Phones, starting with version 2.2 just like iPhone comes with in built functionality to make your android Phone as WiFi Hotspot and that Hotspot can be shared by many users but thay must have Wi-Fi enabled Phone,Laptop or Tablet.Also all the Phones can share their data connection using USB tethering that requires a Data Cable and an application software installed on your PC like Nokia PC suite in case of Nokia Phones but Wi-fi Hotspot has an advantage of simultaneous sharing with several devices.

How to Use an Android Phone as Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot:

Making an Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot is very simple. You have to follow 2-3 steps and your Access Point will be created in seconds.

1. Go to Settings > Wireless and Internet
2.Then Scroll down and select Tethering and Portable Hotspot.
After selecting this you will see three options as shown in the image below. Select/Check Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot 

 3. After this Configure portable Wi-Fi Hotspot : Select Access Point/Router Name. By default it is set as AndroidAPxyz. Also Select Security Type  and set a Password which prevents misuse of your data by which every user is allowed to access data whenever they fill in the Key or Password.
 Click on Save and you are done. Now you will immediately notice an Access Point or Wireless Network Connection  being shown at the bottom right corner.You have to Connect to it bu clicking on Connect and enter the key and enjoy Internet Usage on your device.
The above screenshots used in this Post is of Samsung Galaxy Young(y) which is android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread Version)