Received Infolinks Payment via eCheque

I Hope all the bloggers and webmasters must have heard about Infolinks which is among the best in-text advertising program and can be used along with Google Adsense. Techhbuzz times uses infolinks and Chitika as secondary monetizing progams along with Google adsense.It felt really good when i reached the $ 50 threshold amount and  best thing about infolinks is that it offers various Payment options like Paypal, Bankwire, eCheck, Western Union, ACH and Payoneer. I choosed eCheck as my Payment option and the benefit of echeque Payment is that it offers direct transfer of money in your bank account in your Bank account but it charges $6 +2% on your payout amount. Still it is better than Bank Wire Transfer option that charges $25 fee for transaction along with minimum threshold of $100. First Payment fetched me $48 ($54.22 - ($6 +2%)). The amount is not much but still infolinks acts as a bonus as it does not require space on blog page and helps in earning additional bucks along with Adsense.

I suggest all the bloggers and Publishers that they must use Infolinks on thier Blogs along with some other advertisement Program as it helps in getting best profits out of your Content.