Best free antivirus apps for Android devices

All of the apps here are either free for a full featured app, or have a Lite version of their app that is free to use. Some of them also have free trails for other features that you can try too. If you are looking for extra antivirus protection for your computer, then here are some of the best.

NetQin Mobile Security

This is an antivirus that tries to concentrate on keeping your phone running as fast as possible. It protects against viruses and malware with an aim to keeping your phone running as fast as possible. It conducts real-time malware and antivirus scanning, and has a database that contains a large number of viruses to look out for. It allows real time protection with a Cloud and a client twin engine, which your phone connects to in order to find out what is the newest threat to your phone.

McAfee Antivirus

This is a well-known anti-virus that people use on their desktop computers. It has a mixed reputation, but has probably had more money invested into it than the smaller companies who do not even have a reputation yet. Nevertheless, they are still an award winning anti-virus provider, and they have an Android App that you can try too. They also have functions that help stop hackers.

Norton Mobile Security

You can find this on Google Play, and it offers you some of the features that you may have grown accustom to on your desktop computer. It is able to protect you from viruses and malware that may try to infect your phone from online. There are also some anti-theft functions that you may be interested in. It has a malware and virus scanned that you can set to be automated if you wish. This is one of the ones that runs a Lite version so that you can try it out a bit before going for the full featured version (if you want it).

AVG Antivirus

AVG is one of the many antivirus programs that you often see already installed on some computers. Their Android version is free too, and they offer things such as antivirus news and information. They also have a real-time scanner that will scan your content as it downloads to look for viruses. It also helps you protect against malware and other nasties. 

ESET Mobile Security

This may be more popular with mobile phone users as an antivirus app, as it is not as well known by PC users as the other antivirus software mentioned on this article. It has functions that allow you to guard against hackers, viruses and malware. It is also good for scanning things that you have just downloaded too.

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Avast Mobile Security

Here is a company that many people have heard of, but that fewer people seem to use. It has slowly been building a reputation as a good antivirus software. It is now available as an app for the Android. It may actually be doing better as an Android app than it is on any other operating system.  It has a great automatic phone lock, and SMS wipe function, GPS tracking and siren warnings. All of this comes as an extra from the antivirus functions that it offers.

Quick Heal for Android Mobile Security

This is an antivirus app that is used by people who want to avoid any problems in the future. The name would suggest that it should be used by people who have problems already, but it is better to install this app before any problems occur. It acts as an antivirus app, but also has solutions for people who think they have been infected. There are also a few features such as functions to block spam messages and control any unwanted SMS texts with a black list for numbers that pester you. You can also set it so that some spam messages are allowed through if you approve them personally.

Kaspersky Mobile Security

This is a well known anti-virus company that is used by some people on their PC. It protects against malware, adware, and even some types of spam. It helps you to avoid any malicious programs and also has functions that help you to avoid SMS messages and unwanted phone calls. It offers real-time virus protection too.

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