Facebook Spam Alert : Profile Visitor info

I have noticed many of my facebook  is spreading a spam that claims to provide information regarding your receent profile visitor. This is nothing but a Facebook Spam and will pollute your facebook profile. If You see any pic shown below along with a comment on it with a link , Don't click on that link because it can be a malware.

Don't Click on the Link at First Comment !

Similar Spam is showing message:  Visit VJRJ.IN  for your profile visitors. and a image showing 6 of your facebook friends with a caption : Visit First Comment and time they visited your profile in the form : X minutes ago. The spam automatically tags 30 + facebook friends and by which this is going viral.  Adding all such info. looks original to a user and might fall in trap of this Spam. 

Clicking on the Link Given in the first Comment will take you to a page shown below. As soon as you click on Continue button on this Page, a chrome extension will be installed and  the Photo showing Fake profile visitors will be posted on your timeline.

So I  recommend and advice all the Facebook users , that never fall in trap of such Facebook Spams as they can be malware or virus. 

Update:  16th June , 2013
A similar Spam has started spreading again on Facebook which is similar to above spam but instead of comment , it has a facebook event named Check your Profile visitors here. If you are tagged in such event , don't click on the event link as you might fall in the Trap. The screenshot below is  of latest Facebook Profile visitor Spam. After displaying your name , it shows text "You have 23 visitors on your facebook profile Visitor"

What to do ?
If this has happened with you , immediately remove that image as well as chrome extension installed. One more thing i want to say that never try such kind of apps revealing Facebook data such as Profile visitors as Facebook officially never tells the same to any user. Stay away from  Spams, Enjoy Safe Facebooking.

Update : 23-08-2013

A similar Spam that Posts above picture of Profile Visitors in Facebook Groups is spreading.

It comes with Link : 
[ http://dnorxerhegeim.aws.af.cm/ ] & [http://ocorxllqegese.aws.af.cm/]
Don''t Visit this Link , Stay away from Spams