iPhone 6 Concept Video goes viral on Facebook (Real or Fake)

iPhone 6 video showing the brand new iPhone with awesome and innovative features has gone viral on youtube and Facebook these days. I came across this video on Facebook and was surprised to see this iPhone 6 Concept video. The video has been captioned as "If it is real , Goodbye Samsung ". 
The Video shows that iPhone 6  when laid on a stable flat surface can be used as Projected Keyboard as well as other side of the Phone can be used as Projector display. Thus a single iPhone can be turnt into a virtual Mac Cinema display as well as virtual keyboard.

The Video was shared by a user on Facebook and it has gone viral with in a week with more than 75,000 shares till now and increasing every hour.

The Video was created by Youtube user named Sonitdac

The looks of the Concept iPhone 6 are similar to iPhone 5 but the Question is that : Is this Real or Fake. With such improvement in technology, there is possibility that it might be true , but on the other hand no other mobile company has achieved such innovative technology till now that will take Gadgets too another level.

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