Passed CKA exam with 87% marks in First attempt

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Hi all,  today we are going to talk how you can prepare and pass the CKA exam with great marks.

Last month in November, i scheduled and passed the CKA exam with 87 percent marks.

I will share the tips to crack the CKA exam in the first attempt.

CKA exam

Why CKA 

CKA that stands for Certified Kubernetes Administrator is one of the toughest exam in the mark since this is practical  scenario based exam and it examines your real time problem solving skills based upon 15 to 20 exams with different weightage. Kubernetes is used for most of the digital business for deploying their applications.  So, if you are into DevOps, Site Reliability (SRE), Platform engineering,  Kubernetes is a must skill and passing the CKA exam and adding this badge to your portfolio will really add more value.

Course used to Prepare

Udemy Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) with Practice Tests by Mumshad Mannambeth is the one of the best available course if you want to Learn kubernetes concepts in deep and want to further give the CKA exam.

Link to the course here : Udemy Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

Course length or duration is decent, so depending upon your speed, it may take up to 2 months to complete all the chapters or topics.  During each topic, you will get chance to gain hand-on and gain practical by doing the lab practice on the kodekloud that comes with this course.

The same course can be purchased from Kodekloud as well.

At the end of the course,  you will have three practice tests that will test your overall knowledge and exams questions difficulty is similar to the actual CKA exam.

You may not get good marks during first attempt of these practice tests,  however try to solve them as much as you can and gain speed to solve the questions.

Once you are satisfied that you can solve these practice tests without any issues, its time to move on to the next step that is killer shell simulator exams.

Make use of the free killer shell simulator exams

During the CKA exam purchase, it comes with two sessions of exam simulator.  You will get two lab sessions, each of the session will be available for 36 hours.Please note that both the sessions will contain the same questions.

Treat this as your actual exam and solve the questions as much you can with speed and try to finish in two hours.  This can help to analyze how you are doing and if ready with actual CKA exam.

Personally,  i found the exam level is more difficult than the actual CKA exam.I managed to score 70/125 in my first exam

Make sure to practice again and again all the questions and solve all of these during the 36 hours, i tried this exam three times and scored 90 and 121 in them.

Register for the exam

Once you are confident, go ahead and schedule the exam in your preferred time zone.

Exam is conducted by PSI Bridge Proctoring Platform. 

One of the important tip,  do not try exam in your company's laptop/machine,  always use your personal machines to avoid any technical issues.

During the exam,  you will need to confirm your identify by showing a government ID like driver license, Passport etc.

Once initial verification is done, exam will be presented to you.

I got 17 questions to solve on 120 minutes and i was able to solve maximum before the time except 2     questions that gave some trouble,  so the main thing is avoid the questions that you are not able to solve and keep them for the last to avoid time wastage.

Other Tips

Kubernetes Documentation : You are allowed to use the kubernetes documentation for CKA, feel free to use that if required. It can certainly helps to gain the yaml file for many of the questions.

Create alias for  dry-run=client - o yaml  : this will also help to save time for may questions.

export dr=‘–dry-run=client -o yaml’

Don't create too many alias:  By default,  there will an alias k for kubectl,  do not waste time to create alias for every command, it may confuse and will waste time.

I hope all the above info have helped you to gain some insights on the CKA exam. Please feel free to comment down any questions you have related to the CKA exam.

Good Luck


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