Facebook New Feature | Add Photos in Comments

Facebook has rolled out a new feature of commenting by adding a photo instead of text. Facebook launched this feature on Wednesday which lets people add photos in comment using Attach a Pic option. Initially this feature will be available to Mobile and Web users of Facebook and soon will be added to Facebook applications too.

image via Mashable


How to add Photo in comments:
 In the comments , you will see a pic of camera with text "Attach a photo" when you hover your mouse over it. Click on camera icon and browse photo in your computer and add it.

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Facebook Photo comments is work of Famous Facebook hackathons. Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin said that they have added this much needed feature because sometimes Photos  tells story more than words.
Now this is an another awesome features in Facebook after #hashtags that were launched past week. Well photos is a great multimedia and conveys much more information as well help in making Facebook conversations much more interesting. So this is another innovative and amazing feature by Facebook team and will make threads much more expressive and engaging.

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