Top 10 Best Video Editing Software for Windows, Mac 2013

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Video Editing Software lets you modify Videos easily by adding several effects to any Video Clips and in case you need to make any Promo video , Video using images , Albums etc , Video Editing Software will do the task for you. There are number of Video Editing Softwares available to Choose from , in this post I have included some of the best software that can help you edit or modify Videos easily. You must have seen various Videos uploaded on YouTube with awesome effects , that are created and modified using these software only. Thus these software are an amazing tool to convert your Raw videos into awesome ones. So lets explore some of the best options for you.

Developed by Sony, it is the best Video editing software available and can be used by amateurs as well as Professionals. It has tons of Video effects and filters and supports loads of formats as well as in HD. You can get the trail version of this software free , although you need to purchase its full version. It can be used for Professional projects.

 Windows Movie Maker :

Windows Movie Maker is the product of Microsoft and it is another useful tool and available for Windows XP , Windows Vista , Windows 7 as well as latest Windows8. It is pre included in XP and Vista O.S You can get the latest Windows Movie Maker from here .

For using this software, your system must have at least 1 GB of RAM and Processor of 1.6 GHz clock rate or more. Windows movie maker easily do the task of modifying the Videos , just import the video clip or photos , add filters or add a audio track and add a theme to it and create polished and professional movies.

 Pinnacle VideoSpin:

Pinnacle VideoSpin is freeware tool to edit your videos. Easily create Video Clips , Video Presentations adding sound and background effects.This software can be used by beginners or for home purpose as well as for Professional use.
Download the latest version this software from here.


This software helps in modifying and creating 3D Videos and animations. It has several 3D effects  and features and it is worth trying . Download Link.

It is another popular open source software for 3D video editing purpose and it is available for Windows , Linux as well as Mac O.S. Blender allows customer to create 3D movies and animations  as well as does the modification of the same.

 ZS4 Film editor:

It is free to download and has easy and quick user interface and ZS4 is available for all the major O.S  Download the latest version from its official site and start editing your videos. 


It is flexible, can be used for personal and Business purpose and high performance software with many special effects  in both 2D as well as in 3D. Like above , this one is free too and you can download latest copy from here , Wax also offers mobile app for Android and iOS

It is among the best tool for video editing purpose and supports number of video formats and has easy UI.


It can help you for simple cutting , filtering and encoding tasks. Supports number of video formats like AVI , WMA , MPEG , MP4 etc. and available for Linux , Windows , Mac and BSD

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