Check For Plagiarism | Smart seo Tool to Check Duplicate Content Online

Unique content is the key to site optimization in search results. Search Engine always try to provide a user best result for any query entered by user and popular search engines like Google , Bing , Yahoo hates plagiarism and site containing copied content are often penalized by search engines or ranked lower compared to site containing Unique content. Every blogger always tries to improve his website by producing more informative and unique content. You can easily check website Plagiarism status using popular Copyscape , just enter the website/blog url and it will display the report. There are several other websites that helps in Checking duplicate Content. We have already Posted about those websites.

As many webmasters / Blogger accept or invites Guest Blogging on their blogs. But before publishing the Guest Posts , the blog owner must confirm that the content is Unique and Original one.

You can easily check for Duplicate content with Small Seo tools . It scans the Document and displays the percentage of Unique content in the  article. So far ,i have found smallseotools to be a great and useful tool for checking plagiarism.

Just Paste the article /document to be checked in the box and hit the Green Check for Plagiarism button  and it will begin scanning article and at the end of scanning it will display the amount of Unique content in the article.