Technology in the Spotlight- 5 Trendiest Gadgets of 2013

5 Trendiest Gadgets of 2013 
Nothing seems to advance faster than technology. In a digital age, products are released left and right, but what sets great gadgets apart is in whether or not they are actually useful. We want products with sleek new designs and the latest specs that can be used easily.
2013 seems to be the year of some impressive new products with features that will excite tech-savvy consumers world-wide.
Here’s a list of the top 5 gadgets to look out for this year:

1)      Pebble E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android

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Traditional watches beware— there’s a new gadget on the market. The Pebble, coined “the first watch built for the 21st century” is completely revamping a new look and function for everyday timepieces.
Using Bluetooth technology, the Pebble watch connects to either iPhone or Android smartphones for a fully customizable experience. Users simply download the app on their smartphones and are ready for to use the Pebble anywhere (including both fresh and saltwater).
The watch gives a silent vibration when incoming calls, texts or emails are received—there’s no need to be constantly tethered to a phone. Going one step further, the Pebble also serves as a mp3 player, GPS device, stopwatch, and mini-personal computer.
 Could this be the next great stage of the mobile experience?
Currently available for preorder for $150, this little gadget seems a promising buy for 2013.

2)      NVIDIA Shield

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Don’t judge a book by its cover; this little gaming console is filled with top-notch tech features.
It may resemble an Xbox remote with an attached viewing screen, but it provides a unique mobile experience with more versatility than anything else on the market. The NVIDIA SHIELD is a compact gaming and entertainment device— allowing users to play Android games, steam PC games, watch movies anywhere, and play music.
Equipped with a NVIDIA Tegra mobile processor, this portable entertainment device gives gamers a level of versatility that hasn’t ever been reached.
For $299, the NVIDIA SHIELD is currently available for pre-order— and will be shipped out by the end of this month.

3)      Damson Pearl Bluetooth Speakers

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The Damson Pearl is making another revolutionary breakthrough in Bluetooth technology. It provides some serious sound without taking up a lot of space. This wireless stereo isn’t shy in the bass department either— it is fully capable of producing powerful, high-quality sound.
A built-in battery allows up to 9 hours of continuous music play; and the Pearl’s 3.5 mm jack allows the device to be connected to virtually any device for wireless streaming— including tablets, smartphones, computers, etc. To add to its features, the Pearl includes NFC technology (near field communication) to instantly pair with other devices.
Still not impressed? A built-in microphone allows the Pearl to be transformed into a wireless speakerphone when users don’t want to pick up the phone to talk or need to place a conference call.
Combined with the Bluetooth and NFC technology, the Damson Pearl is one speaker system that can really rock your world. It will be launched this month for $199.

4)      Kwikset Kevo Lock

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Picture this: you are walking up to your front door; hands are full of groceries and you stop—needing to find your keys and perform a balancing act just to open the door.  We’ve all been there before. With the Kwikset Kevo Lock, “the evolution of the key is here.”

The Kwikset Kevo Lock combines Bluetooth technology and smartphone recognition software to provide an easy KEYLESS entry. A battery-powered deadbolt pairs with the UniKey Smartphone app to unlock the door with a simple touch (provided that the phone is close at hand).

Keep an eye out for this keyless entry system to be released later this year for $249.

5)      Fujifilm X100S

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Let’s face it: retro fashion is in—and so are retro-styled gadgets. The Fujifilm X100S combines a vintage 3mm film camera look with digital technology. What can be more practical and aesthetically appealing than this?
This 16 mega pixel camera features an impressive 2.8-inch LCD screen. It allows full HD movie shooting, has a Fujinon 23mm F2 fixed focal length lens for quality, a digital split image manual focus system, new hybrid Viewfinder and other top-notch features provided by Fujifilm.
For those who have a passion for photography—both for the history of various cameras and today’s latest digital developments, the Fujifilm X100S, which sells for $1,299, is the perfect choice.

2013 definitely is a year of innovation, design and technology all incorporated together. Useful and practical, these new gadgets are new ‘toys’ worth looking into.

Guest contributor Andrea Fisher is an online marketer and content specialist. She is a published journalist & blogger with an English degree and political science minor from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.