How to increase Bass of a Song without loosing its Quality [Quick Tip]

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Hello , readers 

1. Here is the way to increase bass effect of Music without loosing Sound quality without using any Software. All of you must have installed VLC player for playing Videos and Music files  on your PC or laptop.In case you don't have VLC installed, get the latest version from here.

2. Ok ! Open the music File mp3 or video song. Play it on VLC player. Click on the button (Show Extended settings )that is circled as Red in the screenshot below

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3. After clicking on Red Tab shown above, a new window (Adjustments and Effects) will open shown in the screen shot below.Next you need to click Enable. 

 4. Now after checking enable you need to adjust equalizer in such a way that it gives maximum bass. Keep the Preset as Flat.
For this , Rise the First Preamp and second 60 Hz level to a level that enough bass is there. The first one Preamp thats stand for pre-amplifier helps in increasing the Audio. Second one 60 Hz frequency enhances the bass. So make sure you increase it to a certain level. Also make sure to increase 3rd one 170 Hz Filter marginally.

Set your Settings as as shown above for Maximum Bass effects with Sound Quality
5. Click Close and enjoy songs  with great bass effects. In case the song quality seems to be a bit degraded , reduce the first two filter to a lower value. I have tried these settings on my PC and produced great bass on my 2.1 Subwoofers. Give a try to this TIP ! Drop a comment if you gave a try to this !

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Tip : You can try similar settings on other softwares as well on Sound driver settings like Realtek HD driver.


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