Bsnl Howi 750 Wi-Max Unlimited Home Plan Review

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Hello readers , Internet has become a necessity these days  and if you are a power user of net like me, you need Unlimited plan for sure, but most of the Unlimited plans costs more than Rs 1000 and even more in case of 3G and Data Cards. You can get Unlimited plans from various providers at cheaper price of around 500 -600 bucks but you will get less bandwidth in that with maximum of 300 Kbps.
BSNL , major telecom provider in India offers a plan that offers decent speed as well as it is Unlimited Data Plan called HOWI 750 , this is a Wi-Max Plan and there is no need of getting a landline telephone connection for this plan.

BSNL HOWi plans features:

1. Wi-max plan
2. Bandwidth Offered : 512 Kbps
3. Data : Unlimited
4. Landline not required
5. Security deposit: 1 Month FMC
6. Rental: Rs 750

In this connection an antenna (Receptor of signal) is connected on the top of roof by which it receives signals from the BTS and further after receiving signals transfers them  to your PC via an adapter. You can also choose WiFi router (Optional)in case , you want to use internnt on multiple Wifi devices or simply connect via LAN cable.

The above image shows the Antenna connected at the top of roof.

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Bandwidth / Speed Review:

The plans says 512 Kbps but 512 is the lowest value and most of the time the bandwidth is more than 700 Kbps that offers downloading speed of 80-90 KB/S. 
I have shared my Screenshot of Bandwidth.

So far , I have told you the advantages of this plan, Unlimited Data and Great Speed. But there might be disadvantage with this plan and that is Fluctuation in speed in case your Home is far away from Tower (Base trans receiver station ).


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